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The staff of the UIC Counseling Center is committed to excellence in service provision. We provide individual therapy, group therapy, outreach, consultation, crisis intervention, assessment, referrals, couples counseling, psychiatric care, and education of future psychologists and psychiatrists. Additionally we educate and train paraprofessionals, and provide campus/community service via the InTouch Crisis Hotline. We provide consultation and information in support of the greater university system which includes faculty and staff. Consistent with the university's mission, our services strive to promote retention and graduation of students by helping students to grow, learn and accomplish personal, academic, vocational, and social goals, We provide psychotherapeutic services informed by a commitment to multicultural competency and social justice within one of the most culturally and otherwise diverse universities in the United States.

The mission of the Counseling Center and its Counseling Service is to facilitate the cognitive, emotional, and social development of students in order that they may optimally reach their academic goals. The mission is holistic, assisting students' psychological and educational growth and contributing more broadly to the university environment. Toward these ends, the Center offers client services, such as assessment, personal and career counseling, and skills development for students. Of equal importance, it offers more systemic services, such as consultation, training, and outreach, for administrators, faculty, staff, professional trainees, and student groups.

Values Statement

The staff of the UIC Counseling Center values a commitment to the provision of the highest level of services with regard to the ethics, standards, guidelines and principles of our professional organizations, the State of Illinois, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. We strive to make these services available and accessible to all UIC students. We intend the impact of our services to have a positive influence on our students' personal lives and community involvement during their tenure at UIC and beyond. We are excited about and committed to providing services that honor and embrace the rich diversity within our campus community. Diversity includes but is not limited to gender, gender identity, culture, body size, physical appearance, ethnicity, ethnic identity, race, racial identity, national identity, language of origin, country of origin, military discharge status, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental abilities, religion, belief system, and level of financial and other resources. We recognize and oppose social injustice in its various forms including prejudice, oppression, exploitation, harassment, and other forms of unfairness that occur in society. In our essential role to maintain and improve the mental health and well-being of UIC students, we strive to inform and support the university in its commitment and effort to advocate on behalf of UIC students and the greater community in addressing and eliminating factors that perpetuate social injustice.

Suite 2010
Student Services Building
1200 West Harrison

Tel: (312) 996-3490

Fax: (312)996-7645

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