Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology



Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is an increasingly important area of science and technology, and contributes to design and delivery of new therapeutic drugs, the development of diagnostic agents for medical tests, and the beginnings of gene therapy for correcting the medical symptoms of hereditary diseases. The societal implications of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology are similarly widespread, ranging from many ethical issues of identifying and treating various hereditary diseases, to changes in healthcare practices and a significant contribution to national economic development.

At UIC, we have recognized the importance of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, and have developed an interdisciplinary Center with a cooperative community of researchers and educators pursuing collaborative science and technology development.

We invite your inquiries, and will be pleased to provide further information on our activities, areas of research, and opportunities for cooperative development. Please check out what we were up to in 2013: 2013 CPB Review.

Alexander S. Mankin,

Ph.D., D.Sci.

Professor and Director