Postdoctoral Orthodontics Curriculum
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Predoctoral Orthodontics Courses

The D.D.S. curriculum in Orthodontics at the University of Illinois consists of three courses:

  1. A required preclinical course, ORTD 323
    Preclinical Orthodontics (ORTD 323) is taught at the spring semester of the sophomore year. It is designed to provide the beginning general dentist with as much information about orthodontics as is possible in the time allotted. The preclinical course is a prerequisite for the orthodontic clinical courses, ORTD 338 and 348.

  2. A required clinical course, ORTD 338
    Clinical Orthodontics Junior Orthodontic Clinic (ORTD 338) consists of two portions. The first is observation of at least five clinic visits by a patient undergoing comprehensive treatment by an orthodontic resident. The same patient must be observed at each visit. The second is "hands-on treatment" by the junior student of a patient who is in need of limited objective tooth movement. A written report of clinic observation is required. Orthodontic residents provide guidance and assistance to dental students working on patients receiving limited objective tooth movement.

  3. An elective clinical course, ORTD 348
    Senior Orthodontic Clinical Elective (ORTD 348) is an opportunity for any interested student to acquire additional experience in limited objective tooth movement. The student may either treat a patient that is already in her/his file, or the Department of Orthodontics will provide a patient if needed. In addition, the student is required to attend at least twenty (20) morning Seminars in Orthodontics. A schedule will be provided for them to choose lectures of particular interest. Periodic conferences with the pre-doctoral course director or other orthodontic faculty member will be scheduled to discuss relevant topics beneficial to all students enrolled.




Orthodontic Glossary

The faculty of the Department of Orthodontics has compiled a glossary of orthodontic terms. Click here to view the glossary.

Please note that the course director for Predoctoral Orthodontics courses is Dr. Maria Therese Galang (

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