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ELECTRONIC STUDY CLUB FOR ORTHODONTICS (ESCO) is a free service, operated on the Internet. It was started by Dr. Joseph Zernik at the University of Southern California and currently sponsored by the Department of Orthodontics, University of Illinois at Chicago. It is intended for free exchange of information and opinions by members of our profession.

What can you find in ESCO?

Discussions on ESCO have covered a wide range of subjects including specific appliances and their performance in practice, unusual cases, issues related to practice management, and announcements of upcoming meetings.

The American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, the World Journal of Orthodontics, as well as the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics and the Angle Orthodontist transmit tables of contents with some additional notes to ESCO , often before they appear in print. The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics also transmits its editorials.

You can also visit some of the orthodontic journals directly at their web pages:

American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

World Journal of Orthodontics

Angle Orthodontist

Journal of Clinical Orthodontics


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Send a message through from your own email address to the following address:

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For example:
SUBSCRIBE ESCO John Smith would subscribe the person with that name to the Electronic Study Club.


How do you post messages in ESCO?

Send your message to the following address: esco@listserv.uic.edu


When posting your message to ESCO...

Suggestions by Dr. D. Carter

Dear Group

We are all groping our way in an exciting new medium. We are all professionals and lifelong students. Let's adopt a protocol so all will know who is posting comments. My suggestion, open to all comments and responses, is:
1. In the SUBJECT section at the top of most E mail programs; Instead of using the default subject, i.e. root paralleling for implants, insert a succinct keyword or keywords of YOUR message. My example is the subject of this message as written at the top of the window you are currently viewing
2. After a brief synopsis of the message you are responding to, state your message. Please do not copy the entire previous message. We can all find it in our "old mail" on our discs. If you cannot do this, read the instructions on your E-mail program. Most have a history section.
3. Sign your actual name, not your anonymous screen name.
4. Your city and country, please. Anyone who can access the internet and correspond in English should be proud of where they come from - even Californians.
5. Your professional interest in the debate at hand. Are you an orthodontist, pediatric dentist, a lay person involved with dental products, dental practice management, etc.? This helps all of us understand your position. It also allows AAO members to access a database which tells us who you are.
6. Please don't repeat your E mail address - it is automatically included in everyone's E mail postings.
Thank you for your support. I love this game! I especially enjoy the international comments and do not expect perfect English. Especially from young Americans. Just do it! Ciao. Domo arrigato.

Dick Carter Portland OR USA


How do you start/terminate digest mode?

ESCO typically comes to the subscriber as a Digest, where all individual notes are clustered into one email message with a Table of Contents at the top. At times, ESCO is delivered in different formats dependent on the way various Internet Service Provider handle listserver messages. If you encounter problems in this area, you may want to consult your service provider.


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How do you search previous digests?

For recent digests (after xx.xx.2001), an excellent web interface for ESCO can be found at: http://listserv.uic.edu/archives/esco.html

This site allows you to search old digests by key-word, by author, by date, etc. Many other user-friendly subscriber's functions are offered through this site.

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