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Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 12:26:44 +0530
From: "Dr, M.Jayaram" <>
Subject: Giving filenames for digital clinical photographs-reg
To: "The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics" <ESCO@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU>

Hullo members of the group,

I have been following a system of giving filenames to clinical photographs obtained thru my canon camers as follows: (patient name)- (arabic numeral)- 1 for pre-treatment, 2 for post treatment,3 for during treatment. 4may be given to out of retention.  (alphabet in lower case)a-for extra oral repose, b for extra oral right profile, c for extra oral smile view, d for intra oral front, e for intra oral right, f for intra oral left, g for mandibular occlusal view and h for maxillary occlusal view. In case left profile is included routinely one maydesignate an alphabet. If more than one set of during treatment is recorded it may be assigned 3-d1, 3-d2 like that to denote the series. So in short the patient's name will identify the file,  the arabic numeral will denote pre/post/during treatment, the alphabet will recognise the view of the photograph  thus easing the location and identification of the image file, even in the absence of preview button.
For example: Vandana1-d, will denote that the patient Vandana's pretreatment, intra-oral frontal photograph is being referred to. One can modify/codify to suit his/her own photographic protocol in practice. The numbering system given by the camera software is inconvenient and cubresome to use for our purpose. Any feedbacks and suggestions welcome!

Dr. M.Jayaram,
Calicut. India.


From: "Tony Shields" <>
To: "The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics" <ESCO@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU>
Subject: Pre and post treatment examples of Tom Cruise
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 20:34:24 +1000

Dear Colleagues,

I am about to give a lecture to a group on orthodontic input into interdisciplinary treatment plans. I usually use Tom Cruise as an example. Unfortunately a recent and catastrophic hard drive crash has scrambled my photographic examples purloined over time from various magazines articles.

Would anyone have in their possession appropriate pre and post treatment examples of Tom and as well as photos with his appliances on. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and I have attached my private email if you would prefer to contact me directly.


Tony Shields
Brisbane Australia


From: "Azhar Kharsa" <>
Subject: Frankel Appliances
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 19:44:56 +0300

Dear Friends

I'm preparing a book about fixed and removable appliances, I need your contributions in Photographs about all types of Frankel Appliances, and whatever modulations might exist on. Thank you.

Azhar Kharsa



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