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Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 13:42:17 EDT
Subject: Re: Custom Mouthguards

I have been out of town so just saw this e-mail.  My experience has been excellent with preformed mouthguards for patients with braces. To make a model that can be used for custom would be to cover the archwire and brackets with soft Mazel rope wax and then take the impression. This would block out the buccal undercuts but would not account for lingual cleats or buttons. Then a suckdown plastic using  the Biostar would produce a preformed "custom" that will still have to be border-rmolded .  Maybe others have a better idea. 

Walter Buchsieb DDS MS


Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 11:55:31 EDT
Subject: Question concerning cement removal

We have been using a wonderfully tenacious Glass Ionomer band cement from 3M Unitek for the last several years. However it's amazing strength is a real headache when it comes time to debond. We have to work at the molars for what seems like forever to get this stuff off! It is driving me and my entire clinical team bonkers.

We currently use resin finishing burs in a high speed to get it all off without damage to the enamel but it is such a drain on the schedule (requires too much doctor time) We are a very busy multi-column practice and we need to know if anyone has had better success with something like a Cavitron or Prophy Jet or any other gizmos out there????

Help! We love this cement (we have close to 0% band failure) but it is such a bummer at debond.

Any advice would be extremely appreciated,

Madeline Serrano
Durham, NC


Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 21:10:49 EDT
Subject: Fuji on Ceramic Crowns

Has anyone else found that Fuji cement will hold brackets on crowns?  I can hardly believe it's working. 



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