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Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 02:04:36 EDT
Subject: Re: ESCO Digest - 14 Sep 2004 to 21 Sep 2004 (#2004-38)

Re:  Articulators


Another point to consider, and one I feel is as or more important than the other considerations you list, is how easy is the face bow to use.  My suggestion is borrow one SAM face bow and one Pan-a-dent and give it to your records tech and find out which she prefers, and which is faster. I think you will see a big difference in the two products.  Also, consider how easy it would be to train a new assistant on either system.

I inherited pan-a dent's after using SAM's in school.  I think SAM's are easier all around and adequately meet the needs of orthodontics.  On the rare occasion that I take a face bow, I long for the SAM face bow.  My staff is used to Pan a dents so I am not considering a switch. 

I would also look at the mounting plates and their ease of removal from the articulator, as well as cost.  I have old style plates (no magnets) which is an ongoing expense.

Some food for thought in your buying decision.

I wonder if this will restart the mounted vs. non mounted discussion again.  We could use some deeper, more clinical discussions on this forum.

John McDonald
Salem, OR


Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 07:32:29 -0500
Subject: re: articulators
From: "Jeff Genecov" <>


I have used both the Panadent system and the SAMII. The advantage of the Panadent over the SAMII is that the Panadent doesn't disassemble when you open it up to look at the occlusal surfaces of the teeth as well as the interchangeability issue. The SAM III I think has solved both those problems. The Panadent is very easy to use, especially in this case where you're not changing the condylar blocks or eminence angles. I think it mounts the cases easier than the SAM also, however the SAM III may have solved that issue as well.

Is your constituent society meeting coming up? You might check 'em both out there.

All the best-

Jeff Jeffrey
S Genecov DDS, MSD


From: "Bruce Burns" <>
Subject: Re: Articulators
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 21:35:05 -0400

I am also using an articulator as you do to record CR.  I'm still using SAMs.  I'm interested in a digital solution to our mounted models.  Where we would send the lab impressions, wax bites (CR and CO) and a facebow.  We would get a 3-D image back from the lab using a computer generated articulator.  Does anyone know if that is avalable yet or if there is any work taking place in that direction. 


bruce burns


Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 18:58:41 EDT
Subject: Re: Articulators

Dr. Ruff, I am very familiar with the articulators on the market. Contact me at my e-mail address & I will discuss with you.
Bob Williams (


Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 21:24:13 -0400
From: "Leon" <>
Subject: orthotrac classic
To: "The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics" <ESCO@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU>

We just converted from "classic" to "office" and have our connectivity hardware available. If specialix rios boards, LDU's and modems mean anything to you, it yours for the postage. It seems a shame to throw out.

Leon Klempner
Port Jefferson, NY


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 13:58:56 -0400
To: "The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics" <ESCO@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU>
Subject: E-mail Problem

Guys, I'm not lying to you: I cannot read the mail sent in the format that has been used over the last year or so. If it cannot be changed, please take me off the list. Thanks. Miki Kuftinec


Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2004 10:58:56
To: "The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics" <ESCO@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU>
Subject: Re: E-mail problem

Dear Dr. Kuftinec,

We understand the problem you encounter. As we suggested before, please sign up with another email account (not the current AOL one) to subscribe the ESCO digests because AOL server will block message with attachments sent from a listserv server. You may register an email account at or They provide free personal email account service with up to 250MB (size).

If you are interested in viewing the digests in the past year, you are always welcome to click the following link Hope it's convenient and trouble-free for you.

Huibi Liu



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