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From: "Scott Smoron" <>
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Subject: Re: Retention of Phase One
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 09:19:30 -0600

I love the design that Wavel Wells shared for a First Phase retainer, and I think I may incorporate it into my own practice...but so far I have very limited problems with Hawley modified retainers with Adam's clasps...the clasps will hold onto the molars indefinitely as teeth are lost, and the anterior section is like a spring clip retainer, so it has flex and give..even if they slack off, they can wedge it back in because of the give...and then I leave room for the canines to's unfortunate for the kids who come in and haven't worn it because I can always show a parent how they can still wedge it back in if they want to maintain the esthetics until the later braces...

Also, thanks again to Wavel for his bit on First Phase treatment...I pick and choose where I do it, i.e. skeletal CIII, posterior crossbites with midline deviation, anterior crossbites, and gummy smiles.  Retention of these are less critical because you ARE correcting something now that is better corrected at this age, and the correction is such that it should hold up.  Crossbites and skeletal corrections should maintain themselves..the retainer only comes in because I generally place at least four anterior braces to get some decent esthetics while the expander is in.  I then stress that this is esthetics and a bonus, not the goal, of the First Phase and that the skeletal correction is what I am most concerned about.

Scott Smoron



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