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From: "Dr. Lucas Stevens" <>
Subject: Re: Tip Edge / Begg
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 08:52:39 -0500

Dear Group:

As I read about all the types of tooth movement you are trying to get with the Begg and Tip Edge brackets, I can't help but think about how the Damon bracket would easily do as well - without the use of auxiliaries.

Luke Stevens
Tallahassee, FL


From: "Jason B. Cope, DDS, PhD" <>
Subject: Re: MiniScrew Implants
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 12:05:45 -0600

I have used 4 different TAD systems in the past 5 years.

1) Walter Lorenz MaxilloMandibular Fixation Screw – 1 case
2) Straumann Palatal Implants – 8 cases
3) IMTEC Ortho Implant – 20 cases
4) KLS Ortho Screw – 2 cases

The MMF screws are way too big for ortho applications. The palatal implants work very well, but are limited to the palate and aren't as versatile. Both the IMTEC and KLS are FDA approved for ortho applications, are drill-free (require no pilot hole), are quite simple for the orthodontist to place, and work well. In my hands, the IMTEC is more versatile (more ways of attachment), but both are easy to place and simple to use. I agree, the miniscrew implant is the way of the future for several reasons…the orthodontist can place them, they are placed without a flap, can be placed with some of the new topic anesthetics only at best or local infiltration at worst, can be placed anywhere there is at least .75mm of bone around the circumference of the screw, require minimal armamentarium, and are the simplest to attach to. It seems that our only limit is in our imagination of how we attach to and utilize them.

For more info, there is a new website on TADs . It has just been published and allows you log in with your email address – as content is added you get email notification with direct hyperlinks.

Jason B. Cope, DDS, PhD
Diplomate, American Board Of Orthodontics
Adj. Clinical Assist. Prof. - Orthodontics
Tamushsc - Baylor College Of Dentistry



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