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Subject: Emergency slip
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 17:25:23 -0600
From: "Dr. Tim Dumore" <>

Hello folks,

I am writing in the hope of obtaining some examples of emergency slips that are used to track emergencies as the are called in and cared for in your practices. Not that I am lazy, but I am certain that there are some smart folks out there who have already thought this one through. I wish I could say that we never have any emergencies…

Tim Dumore



Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 16:10:01 -0300 (ART)
From: "priscila ribeiro" <>
Subject: Re: Untangling efficacy of differing treatment

Concerning Mrs Vredenburg questioning i like to say 2 things: First congratulate all that came forth with such ellegance and true informations, I'm sure Mrs Vredenburg must be happy now.  However, and that is the second thing to say: I'm sure that other sites, even in the American Orthodontic Association, just mentioning one, would answer all her questions.  Please don"t misunderstand me,  I don"t ever think "we", as a studying group are so "above" any questioning. But, ESCO, is a STUDYING GROUP , and it should take care to remain so. If ESCO should find it best to open a window just for parents questioning I thing its great, go ahead.  The parents will have another great option for their doubts. How many more parents will come after Mrs Vredenburg, with their questions?

Priscila orthodontist

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Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 06:16:06 +1000
To: "The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics" <>,
From: "Barry Mollenhauer" <>
Subject: Re: Treatment choices

Dear colleagues,

The following attachment is relevant to a current thread. It is a former issue of a newsletter sent to those who have attended courses run in association with my three articles in the first two issues of the World Journal of Orthodontics.

The clinical material has been stripped out of the attachment-- that was posted last year-- to concentrate on the subject presently being discussed on ESCO.

It will certainly not be of general interest, but my newsletter readers are apparently used to the occasional ruminations contained therein since some of them, who have recently retired, have asked to stay on the mailing list. These ruminations are based on the premise that there are three levels of education: the technical (the practice, the how), behind which is the theory of a discipline telling what to do, when and why, and below that is the underpinning mainly from Philosophy of Science, logic, math and historiography to evaluate the theory. The point espoused in the attachment is that the underpinnings must also be updated. Ergo, as warned...not all may find it interesting.

Warmest regards,
(Dr) Barry Mollenhauer
Melbourne, Australia

(See attachment)


Date: Sunday, April 03, 2005 7:36 PM
Subject: The 8th Biological Mechanisms conference, November 7-10, 2005
From: Zeev Davidovitch []


The 8 th international conference on


November 7-10, 2005

Sheraton Grande Laguna Hotel, Phuket , Thailand

The conferences on the biological mechanisms of tooth eruption, resorption, and movement are a forum for presentation, interaction and discussion between basic and clinical researchers who are actively engaged in investigations on these phenomena. The purpose is to evoke thoughts and ideas on novel approaches to clinical treatment and initiating collaborative efforts.


1. Neuromuscular and skeletal interactions in craniofacial orthopedics

2. Biological and clinical implications of orthodontic biomechanics

3. Tooth eruption: interactions between molecular biology and clinical aspects

4. Molecular biology and genetics of orthodontic tooth movement and resorption

The Tentative Program is attached. For program updates see:


  1. Martin Geiger, University of Ulm
  2. James Hartsfield, Indiana University
  3. Susan Herring, University of Washington
  4. Ulf Lerner, Umea University
  5. Dubravko Pavlin, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  6. Eugene Roberts, Indiana University
  7. Gary Wise, Louisiana State University
  8. Hans Zoellner, University of Sydney


If you wish to present a paper in an oral or poster mode, please submit an abstract by email ( form attached , and is also available online) to Dr. Ze'ev Davidovitch ( by July 15, 2005 .


Participants in all oral and poster sessions are invited to submit a manuscript to be included in the proceeding book, which will be published 8-10 months after the conference. Instructions for manuscript preparation are available at .


Awards are available, to provide financial support for travel and accommodation for students and young investigators (up to and including Assistant Professors), who wish to present a paper in this conference. Applicants must indicate on the Abstract Form that they wish to be considered for these awards, and submit the Abstract by July 15, 2005 . Award recipients are still required to pay registration fees.


For general questions about the Biological Mechanisms meeting, abstract submission, registration and Young Investigator Awards see

The program is being organized by Drs. Ze'ev Davidovitch and James Mah.

The conference is sponsored by: The Harvard Society for the Advancement of Orthodontics

University of Southern California

Chulalongkorn University

National Institutes of Health , USA

See attachments for more information on:

  • Tentative Program
  • Abstract form
  • Registration form
  • Hotel reservation forms



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