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From: "Huibi Liu" <>
Subject: Call for Abstracts
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 15:17:13 -0600

The 11th International Symposium on Dentofacial Development and Function will be held from June 18 to 22, 2006 in the Chicago Sheraton Hotel and Tower. You are invited to share your scholarship with dentofacial specialists from around the world.  Don't miss your chance to present your work at one of the most important international events in the fields of craniofacial biology, orthodontics, and dentofacial orthopedics! 

The main themes for the 2006 Symposium include:

· Craniofacial Genetics

· Bioengineering and Technology

· Tooth Agenesis and Craniofacial Anomalies

· Management of Functional and Behavioral Problems

· Clinical Orthodontics

· Clinical Pediatric Dentistry

This Symposium features presentations in the above disciplines, pre-symposium and post-symposium courses, opportunities for networking, exhibiting, and invited conference addresses by Drs. Samir Bishara, Jose Dahan, Athanasios Athanasiou, Birte Melsen, Kurt Faltin Jr., Adrian Becker, Ennio Gianni, Abbas Zaher, Nejat Erverdi, and Etsuko Kondo.

We invite abstract submissions from clinicians, researchers, and graduate students in disciplines including craniofacial biology, orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, pediatric dentistry, as well as other clinicians interested in growth and development.


Please visit the Symposium web site for submission guidelines, online submission and online registration:

Abstract submission deadline: March 15, 2006

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Questions? e-mail:

Symposium Committee 2006
Department of Orthodontics
University of Illinois at Chicago



Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 13:27:02 -0500
Subject: Re: Self Ligation and bracket repositioning

Dear Mark,

I share your concern regarding the misuse of your post. It has always bothered me when I see a post from a vender regarding our communications on this board. Having said that I strongly disagree that we need to sensor our discussion or limit it in any way . The way I see it, your comments were truthful a nd accurate and most likely  encouraged  ORMCO to make some of the needed changes in a more expedited fashion . I have had the same issues with D3s as I have mentioned before, a nd  I have had problems with GAC and other self-ligating systems as well. On the other hand if  any one  knowingly makes untruthful comments because of financial interest or any other reason, that is unfortunat but unavoidable unless this site can be purged and made only available to Orthodontist. I believe collectivly all of our coleages can make their own determination on how to use the information posted here.

Best regards,
Anthony Togrye
Murfreesboro TN


From: "Lively Orthodontics, P.A." <>
To: "The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics" <ESCO@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU>
Subject: Re: Self Ligation and bracket repositioning
Date: Wednesday, December 08, 2005 11:11PM

Hi All:

As an addendum to the posting I made in November, we are now using the D3 Metal on the upper bicuspids, thus completing the Damon 3 system.  It doesn't get any easier.  We have worked out all of the problems we experienced during our learning curve and I cannot imagine going back to the old system. 

At this point, we have not had issues with repositioning brackets as was experienced with the twin bracket system.  We are now finishing up patients that were promised a 25% reduced treatment time, and we are keeping those promises. We are definitely seeing broader smiles and my extraction treatment plans have been reduced.  I am also using fewer expanders in combination with the Damon system.  Discomfort has been decreased and lip irritation is definitely at an all time low with the D3 system.

We have started placing a stop on all patients at the midline and have shown them how to move this stop back to center with their finger should the wire slide to one side or the other.  Emergency visits are now a thing of the past.  Patient education goes a long way.  Patients and parents understand the benefits of being seen every 10 weeks and also understand that certain wires can work for extended periods of time.

Bonding issues were resolved for us as of my last posting.  Breakage no greater than that of any other system I have used but we are happy to hear that the base being used for future shipments will be the base used on the Orthos system.   This can only be a benefit.  We have found the new packaging system to meet our needs.  It seems that all concerns have been addressed by Ormco. 

I hope that all of you using self-ligating systems are seeing the benefits that we are at this time.  It has truly made each visit more exciting for us and the energy that the patients bring to their visits is unlike anything we have experienced.  They are excited about the changes they see between visits.  The adult patients are probably the most devoted Damon patients.

Mark Lively
Lively Orthodontics, P.A.


From: "Ron Parsons" <>
Subject: Damon "miracle" braces
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 06:22:14 -0500

Colleagues in cyberspace,

Perhaps Damon “miracle” brackets cause treatment to be as easy as breathing, cause all other orthodontic appliances to be obsolete, eliminate all repositioning, reduce treatment time, negate the use of expanders, eliminate all emergency visits, and cause patients to be more enthusiastic about their braces. Perhaps it also causes the kids not to study harder and keep their rooms clean. Unfortunately, a miracle is unlikely to be reproduced else it could be measured and studied in a scientific study.

Ron Parsons

(moving teeth the “old” way in Atlanta, GA)


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