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Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 20:50:53 EST
Subject: Decal at debonding

Re: Decal at debonding

Our personal observation on kids with gingival decal with good or moderate hygiene is virtually 100% due to gum chewing-- some kids never chew gum and  are no problem to get them to lay off gum. Others will stop chewing gum voluntarily when told "No gum" at the bonding appointment.  However, the average H.S. and Jr High kid is a gum "cow", and if you live in a small town like I practice, you will observe them at Papa Gino's, Subway, CVS, the mall, and school functions with a wad of gum in their mouth.  We may not say anything to them at the observation time, but record it in the patient record and approach them at the next appointment.  If they still chew, at least it has been entered in the record.  These are the kids that will have the typical gum decal on the U 2,3,and 4s, and the lower 3s and 4s. 

I have to relate a quick story:  I was out in my yard working one spring afternoon at dismissal time.  One of my patients who was walking home after school, upon passing the neighbor's flowering crabapple tree that borders the sidewalk, suddenly saw me and tried to swallow her gum.  Poor girl choked on it and fell to the ground.  I had to run and give her Heimlich (I can do it but did I spell it?) until a TRIPLE WAD  OF BAZOOKA popped out of her mouth. She did survive. I think she's now a DJ in Baltimore.

If they take diet Cola, cola, or milk(the worst!) to bed, decal will be on more teeth than above, and if they are a mouth breather worse yet, and if the parents smoke in the house especially in winter (or if they have central A/C and the folks smoke) the situation becomes a nightmare.  These are the ones with the horribly swollen gums that we wind up debonding, sending for restorations and rebonding then speeding to any acceptable finish asap. But if decal is on the U234/L34 it is always gum (only 35 years observation, so I might be wrong!) 

Bill Koplin


Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 22:40:29 EST
Subject: Decalcifications, poor gingival health

Does anyone have experience with the new varnish called "Vanish" by Omni Products who make Perio Med for gingival inflammation and Control RX toothpaste??  May have missed a posting on this in the past. Thanks.

Steve Tinsworth, DMD
Bradenton, FL


From: "Richard B.Hirsch" <>
Subject: Cystic Fibrosis
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 06:29:23 -0500

Does anyone have experience with treating young children with Cystic Fibrosis?

Richard Hirsch, D.D.S.


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