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1. Re: Cold air preventing heat sterilization
2. Sleep Apnea Appliances?
3. Digital Camera
4. Re: Cold air preventing heat sterilization
5. On patents and OrthoClear v. Invisalign


Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 07:39:13 -0700
From: "Dick Carter" <drdcarter@MAC.COM>
Subject: Re: cold air preventing heat sterilization

Dear Dr Adams

You could try a simple clothes dryer vent flap assembly, available at hardware and plumbing stores, but you would have to make some provision for opening it while sterilizing, since there is a magnetic door wjhich is designed to open with exhaust air from a clothes dryer.
RE: Invisalign
Whatever the legal patent issues, it is disingenuous for Align to tell OrthoClear patients that they will be completed at no charge. This inconveniently places the doctor in a position where one needs to join Invisalign, submit full pretreatment records, and essentially start a new case.  All at no charge. Great marketing for the company but a very manipulative maneuver which places the dentist in a position of providing a free service with all the kudos garnered by Align.  Of course, if the strategy is to take an orthodontist out of the's brilliant

Dr Dick Carter
Portland OR USA


Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 06:51:00 -0500
From: "Joe" <jsmileb@NETWURX.NET>
Subject: Sleep Apnea Appliances?

I am currently working with a relative who has sleep apnea.  I have information from Glidewell Labs on their appliances, Silent Night, Tap, Tap-T.  I currently have this patient wearing a Silent Night appliance, as a screening appliance.  Glidewell does not suggest long term use of the Sil. Nite, as it allows some tooth movement.  The patient seems to have been successful with the appliance, and is interested in using one of the long term appliances, i.e. Tap, Tap-T.  I would really like to correspond with someone who may have a little experience with these appliances.

Joe Brenner

Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 14:01:06 +0700
From: "Ekachai Chunhacheevachaloke" <ekachai@SWU.AC.TH>
Subject: Digital Camera

Dear Everyone,

I might have deleted digital camera issue. I need your recommendation for a simple digital camera for orthodontic patients. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 08:44:21 -0400
From: "ernest mccallum" <emccallum@EARTHLINK.NET>
Subject: Re: Cold air preventing heat sterilization

Try a clothes dryer vent flap..found at most hardware stores, probably even at Walmart! ernest

From: Blair Adams < blairadams1@CANADA.COM > Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2006 3:28 PM Subject: Re: ESCO Digest - 18 Oct 2006 to 20 Oct 2006 (#2006-36) > Hello Gentlemen (& ladies, although there don't seem to be > any in the group??); > > I have a problem during the winter with dry-heat sterilizers > that are vented directly to the exterior of our building. > Cold air comes down the exhaust pipe from outside and > prevents the sterilizers from reaching adequate temperature. > Is there anyone who can help me find some kind of flap that > will prevent this but also allow hot air to escape?? > > Blair Adams Ottawa Canada>


Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 06:43:58 -0500
From: "Joe" <jsmileb@NETWURX.NET>
Subject: Re: On patents and OrthoClear v. Invisalign


Truly an interesting and well researched commentary on the Invisalign / Ortho Clear issue.  The patent is a two edged sword, for sure.  If the patent did not exist, where would the incentive be for research and development?  My recollection is that Unitek patented the "packaging" when they introduced the pre-pasted brackets.

Joe Brenner