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Date: Saturday, November 11, 2006 12:25 PM
From: venita pereira <vendennis@YAHOO.COM>
Subject: Ref premolar heights

Dear Dr Jayaram,
I have found the MPA ( Multi Purpose Attachment) very
effective at the initial bonding for rotated, deep
bite, not fully erupted teeth. It is narrow and
usually does not come in the way of occlusion. I use
them initally till I can bond the original bracket.
     Have a brochure but not sure I can send it on
this. If allowed I could scan it at a latter time.
    If interested you can contact Dr Nikhil Vashi at   or
with regards

Dr Dennis Pereira

Date: Saturday, November 11, 2006 12:31 PM
From: Barry Raphael <drbarry@ALIGNMINE.COM>
Subject: Re: Invisalign


I commend you on your approach to stock ownership, not that my word means much, but it is the professional way to proceed.  And now I trust you more.

Trust is important.  It's important to our patients, from whom we must earn trust.  It's important to us as doctors.  We put our faith in many people – manufacturers, labs, suppliers, consultants, etc – to do the right thing to support the work we do for others. 

Do you think this incident should engender more of our trust in Align? 

I understand that creating “Patient's First” was the right thing to do.  And I'm trying to shed the sour grapes feeling of having been caught on the short end of the stick for 35 cases.  Align did not do this to me personally.

But I think Align should know, not that they would care, that this incident did nothing to build our faith in them as providers of services for our benefit.

I am, of course, anxious to see how they process the OC transfer cases.  Doing so without undue delay will help regain some trust.   Taking an approach which causes long delays in the transfer of treatment, or punishes once-loyal customers, even for speaking out (as many are hesitant to do), will only engender more distrust.   And don't think it won't be noticed.  People are watching closely.

Personally, I would not support a boycott of the product, as one person suggested, because Align offers a good product that serves the benefit of my patients.  As long as they provide a superior service and improve along the way, they deserve to be supported no matter what our hurt feelings are.  But don't think we'll forget…



Date: Saturday, November 11, 2006 12:31 PM
From: Typodont@AOL.COM <Typodont@AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: Invisalign

I felt compelled to ‘weigh in' on this Invisalign matter, although I rarely get involved in these types of conversations. I agree with the position that Align Technology has acted appropriately and admirably under the conditions presented. Companies that infringe upon patent rights and other intellectual property rightfully belonging to others run the risk of being sued. Such was the case with OrthoClear. Orthodontists who so quickly jump on the bandwagon du jour also create potential problems for themselves and their patients. Most of the orthodontists who I have spoken to who almost immediately switched to OrthoClear did so for one reason only; and that is they saw an opportunity to save some bucks. I wonder how many of these orthodontists passed along this lab cost savings to their patients. As far as other advantages offered by OrthoClear over Invisalign; there were actually very few. Other casualties include the former sales representatives of Align who were enticed to switch their loyalties to OrthoClear (and are now unemployed) and the people who actually invested in OrthoClear stock. For these folks, booking passage on the Titanic would have been a more optimistic choice. I am, however, sympathetic to all the aforementioned parties.

As far as the most important people to really worry about, your patients? They now have the opportunity to finish their treatment with Invisalign even if their treating orthodontists did not have the good sense to merely “test the OrthoClear waters” first, with only a few, rather than many cases in their practices. And Align has made this process as comfortable as could be possible. Don't blame Align Technology for your lack of prudence and due diligence that your patients now have to contend with. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves” (Julius Caesar, Shakespeare)

Any more good advice? Yeah. Go out and buy Align Technology stock (algn). With no significant competitors, an unprecedented demand by the public for this technology which only promises to get even greater, academic institutions including Invisalign certification and actual patient treatment in their predoctoral curriculum, and the remaining clear removable aligning appliance market (formerly held by OrthoClear) squarely in the hands of Align Technology, is there any doubt that this stock is going to soar? I want to see the bidding wars between Dentsply , Henry Schein, and 3M for Align. For all you former OrthoClear enthusiasts (while you reluctantly and begrudgingly return to Invisalign), I can give you no better advice. The die (which has always been in your hands) has already been cast.

Elliott Moskowitz, NYC

(Yes, I own Invisalign stock and plan to buy more; Sue me)

Date: Saturday, November 11, 2006 12:31 PM
From: atogrye@AOL.COM <atogrye@AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: Invisalign

First, let me say I use Invisalign occasionally for slight to moderate cases that do not need bite correction of any kind. I was amazed at Bob's comment about using someone elses e-mail because he dose not want Invisalign to take action against him for sharing his opinion with his professional peers. I don't know how dependent on their system you are. I suggest if you are doing so many Invisalign cases that you are afraid of reprisal by the company, you may want to reexamin your criteria for starting your cases. I blame us as orthodontists for what is happening in our profession. If we place less  focus on how many cases we start VS what is the appropriate mode of treatment, even if it means you would lose that pt ., there would be no need to start as many Invisalign cases and you would remain in control. This obviously, will require educating our patients on pros and cons of Invisalign and it's limitations. I think Invisalign is a viable tool for some patients, but it is only a tool. I for one don't think they think of us Orthodontists as their primary target market. They want the GPs and they are getting them. That is a much bigger market and it is all about $$$. Go back to the basics and you will be fine. PS my address is on the bottom of this e-mail in case Invisalign wants it!!!!!

Dr. Anthony Togrye
152 Heritage Park Dr.
Murfreesboro TN 37129