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Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 07:48:28 -0800
From: "Dick Carter" <drdcarter@MAC.COM>
Subject: "typodont"

On Nov 28, 2006, at 10:20 PM, ESCO automatic digest system wrote:
" confidence in the ability of Invisalign to help "push the envelope" of the clear removable aligner capabilities into a place that all of us will feel comfortable.? Really, nothing more.?None of us are more right or more wrong than the other on this subject.? We are all dealing with a relatively new technology that has been leading us rather than the reverse.?Quite frankly, this is rather unnerving for every serious critically thinking orthodontist."
I strongly disagree with this statement. Some (most?) of us orthodontists have been extremely dissatisfied with the ability to diagnose and control movements with Invisalign. Perhaps some GPs were happy to just send it in and let the lab treat the case, but we chose to treat the patient asnd consider aligners just another appliance choice.?The most important improvements to aligner diagnosois and prescription that I saw came from OrthoClear.?And that company was more than happy to allow orthodontist input from the orthodontist's own computer versus the old Invisalign dictates.?Funny, no one to date has commented on the more rapid treatment times and fewer numbers of aligners required to finish with OC.?So, the doctors, and OC, were successful in expanding the envelope.?It is patently obvious that Invisalign plans to continue the status quo ante.?Not expand on the successful OC platform.?For tyhose doctors who never used OC, there won't seem to be a change...but for many, the appliance of choice will no longer be aligners.?And for our angry patients, who are "on hold" until March, will Invisalign give us our reputation back?

Dick Carter