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1. Yet More on Invisalign (Shu up!)
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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 01:28:09 -0500
From: "Barry Raphael" <drbarry@ALIGNMINE.COM>
Subject: Yet More on Invisalign (Shu up!)

OK, I have to eat my words.  I just got a call from my Align rep. He says my first 7 OC Clinchecks should be arriving next week.  Hallelujah!  I'd rather eat crow than watch my patients bolt.

Now to you naysayers who are sick of this conversation…I have on occasion accomplished things with aligners that I could not with fixed – or at least not as easily.  Think of space opening for prosthetics.  You know how hard it is to get the pontic space just right.  And if you have two missing laterals, it's frustrating opening one space 1/2mm and the other one closes, etc, etc.  But with aligners, you have it nailed.  As long as the teeth tracked properly, the spaces are exactly as you've measured them in the Clincheck. 

Also, I find far less of the annoying side effects like rotating/tipping molars, teeth drifted off the archwire,  and lost arch symmetry during expansion, than I do with fixed. 

I'm not saying it's always as good, but like all techniques, there are strong and weak points.  If only we could adjust individual tooth movements DURING the treatment (*cough*cough*).

Barry Raphael


Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 17:23:34 -0800
From: "Dr. Rob van den Berg" <robv@ALIGNTECH.COM>
Subject: Re: inventory control software

Hi, can you please post the following: I would like to find out what purchasing/inventory control software systems are out there for ortho. Right now we have OrthoII, I am not aware of a purchasing module, and we use Quickbooks for accounts payable. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can share his/her experiences with other software products that specifically deal with vendors.

Thank you,
Rob van den Berg, DDS, MS
San Ramon, CA


Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 09:15:03 -0500
From: mldabney@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: ESCO Digest - 7 Dec 2006 to 11 Dec 2006 (#2006-48)

i spoke with my align rep- he suggested calling credit card company to request refund for payments made by me to orthoclear--then if i wanted to submit as a paid case and the case would be processed in a "normal" time frame. has anyone else had a similiar conversation ?   

bill dabney