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Topics of the day:
1. Inventory?
2. Lasers
3. TADs...?
4. OrthoClear Credit Charges and does Align get it?


Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 10:19:19 -0600
From: "SCOTT SMORON" <scottsmoron@COMCAST.NET>
Subject: Inventory?

I have a word document that has faxable forms for everything in the office. Once a month my staff prints it out and reviews supplies. Always the same person responsible. She spends a few minutes filling in what needs to be ordered, asks me if there's anything I need to add, and then faxes these off. It is quick and simple. We do not actually track what is in the office. Never saw much need to...others may disagree. But I have one person who is responsible for this and I think that makes the process go smoothly. Any supplier should be able to produce a word doc or at least a list of all you have ordered in the past couple of years. You just cut and paste into one big document. And there are two pages of comments like "OrthoSupply...rep is blah to get discount after faxing or just call direct...etc". But most of the document is just a table with blanks, a part # next to it, and then the description of the iterm. Michelle needs to only fill in 1/2/3 or whatever of what we need and fax it in. If she finds something new, I just add it to the document for future ordering. And if Michelle won the lottery tomorrow, I could show someone else how to do the inventory and ordering in about 5 minutes and then they would just need to learn where everything is stored. Would this work for you? Or do you need to actually track every last item. If things just "run out" then you probably just need one very responsible person to handle it with the right tools. And the rest of the staff need to be reminded that when you take the last one, let someone know.

Scott Smoron


Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 10:08:48 -0600
From: "SCOTT SMORON" <scottsmoron@COMCAST.NET>
Subject: Lasers

Thank you so much to Dr. Sellke and Dr. Tracey (sps?)for their presentations on lasers back at the AAO meeting in May. After listening to them I knew exactly what laser I wanted...the ZAP laser. I had been contemplating this purchase for YEARS and after that meeting I knew exactly what I would have and what I would miss with both the Waterlase and ZAP. I have used these to go 4+ mm into tissues to find a canine and avoid sending them to a surgeon. NOT A SINGLE PATIENT RESPONSE THAT WAS NOT POSITIVE...even a "Wow, I think I taste like chicken" comment. I have cut off hypertrophied tissues. Gingival recontouring. Mandibular second molars exposed. Frenums. Has anyone found anything better than the TAC 20 Topical? I tried the Oraqix and found the TAC 20 was better (totally anecdotal). I do use 2% lido w/epi when going deep deep, but only twice. The topical stuff is amazing! Also, has anyone bought the laser and been disappointed? There were people I knew who said that once they had this they couldn't imagine going back to being without...they were right. But I was nervous going in. So anyone out there with clinical disasters or just "It sits over there collecting dust."

Scott Smoron


Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 10:00:50 -0600
From: "SCOTT SMORON" <scottsmoron@COMCAST.NET>
Subject: TADs...?

To those annoyed with Align comments, why not discuss TADs. I will start the ball rolling. TADs suck. This is the worst term ever. Ford Probe? Who comes up with these? And my apologies to Dr. Cope if it's you...I have great respect for you. I love these things so far...the complications related to them is far outweighed by the WOW factor. Templants? I usually just call them screws and talk plainly. But I cannot use the term TAD with a patient. "I want to use TADs..." No way. "We can make use of these amazing little screws that are used temporarily and then removed." Any chance to change this term before it gets embedded in our literature too deeply? And I know it's fluff, maybe it's me, but TADs sounds ridiculous. Here's what I am using...Imtec screws...2% lidocaine...patient paints tissues around implant with Chlorhexidine on a q-tip twice a day. I tried topical way. Soft tissue punch...tooo much blood. Drill...yeah, and go through the root? I just anesthetize, line it up, and place it. The tissues adapt every time...they do "tug" as I screw, but a little touch releases the friction. What are you doing?

Scott Smoron


Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 09:51:42 -0600
From: "SCOTT SMORON" <scottsmoron@COMCAST.NET>
Subject: OrthoClear Credit Charges and does Align get it?

I rejected all of my OrthoClear credit card charges last week. I had not planned to do so, since I expected Align to mitigate my damages. However, Align has not followed through in a competent fashion (we will have submission guidelines by Oct 7, no we meant Oct 15th, no seriously we will by Oct 23rd, we were kidding we mean Nov 1, oh, and those cases that you started taking new PVS to resubmit in October, we PROMISE to have them ready by March) and the embarassment and damage to my reputation and referral sources has already occurred. I expect to have some patient discontinue treatment, and that will hurt financially. Thus, I will try and get my money back. I have received a credit for all the charges already. This may not stick, however. If it does, then Mastercard gets to go after OC, not me. We'll see. THIS IS THE BIG POINT HERE>Align's customer service is atrocious. I encountered many problems in the past from patients trying to get their gift certificates to cases that were literally forgotten about to having the 1st three months of aligners shipped to me but then having nothing to give the patients when they returned in 3 months (this goes way back). Treatment plans are almost ignored (and still this continues) for the first ClinCheck. Calling them was useless. As a matter of fact, they have hung up on my staff when we have called recently asking about the OC cases ("If the customer calls and you are not sure if you can please them, just hang up on them and hope they go away.)" The only thing that kept me going forwards with Align was my rep, Matt Mitchell. And kudos to Ormco for picking him up. So when a competitor opened up shop (OC) I immediately ran. And Matt, the only part of Align that ever did fix a problem, went to OC. So I did. Doesn't Align get that we were not impressed before? And those of us with OC were not impressed with Align. I know one guy that, yes, 100-200 cases a year times $500 adds up...for me, the savings pays my electric bill. Woo hoo. We all wanted a better product and better customer service. And we actually had it for a while. You will notice you don't hear too much bashing of OC here. They had customer care and customization right. Now we are stuck back with Align. I certainly don't feel very welcome. I have actually paid for 3 or 4 full cases since switching in November, which is not a lot, but perhaps more than I should have. I am holding patients back from submission until I get the cases back. And it would be an amazing gesture by the orthodontic community to send a message to Align that holding thousands of patients hostage is unacceptable...just have to hold all cases for a month to let them have the time to catch up and put Patients First. OTHER BIG POINT>And just so Align knows patients are bright people. They are spending thousands of dollars on plastic. They have been screwed by corporate America in their jobs and lives, and now they see Align having screwed with their mouths. Not really good PR. They can figure out what is going on. They were parents of children I treated with care and promptness. They know where the weakest link is here. And I am not disagreeing with them. Does Align realize they have alienated thousands of referral sources? I had a GP comment to me that they are no longer talking about aligner treatment with their patients because of the embarassment of referring them for this service and then this happens. All our reputations are damaged by this.

Scott Smoron