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Subject: Bonding Porcelain
Date: Friday, March 03, 2006 5:31 AM
From: "Claude Matasa <Matasa@AOL.COM>"

Dr. I Gillis has shown that he is successfully bonding porcelain by applying first two layers of a silane the nature or concentration he doesn't describe. Coupling agents supposes to form a monomolecular layer so that each part of their molecule bond another substrate. Applying two layers, you may either have the chance of covering exactly the areas which have remained untreated, which I doubt, or lay two or more layers. In the last case the silane acts rather like an oil, prohibiting a good bond between substrates.

Claude G Matasa


Date: Friday, March 03, 2006 9:23 PM
From: Sheldon Peck <peckslam@ATT.NET>
To: "The Electronic Study Club for Orthodontics" <ESCO@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU>
Subject: New educational materials available from The Angle Society


The Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists ( EHASO ), the non-profit organization that sponsors The Angle Orthodontist, announces two new contributions to advance orthodontic education and research:

  1. A new film about the founder of modern orthodontics, Edward H. Angle, available on DVD for purchase.
  2. A 3400-page four-volume book set reproducing Dr. Angle's correspondence and business accounts from 1899 to 1910, and including facsimiles of all 47 of his patents.

The Angle DVD

Angle, Lukens, Knapp, Canning, Korbitz, Pfaff, Farrar, Guilford and Jackson were well-known 100 years ago for their “systems” of appliances to straighten teeth. Today, why do we know only the name Angle from among this forgotten group? The legacy of Dr. Edward H. Angle has endured on the strength of his inventive genius and powerful influence in the worldwide development of modern orthodontics.

A biographical film “Edward Hartley Angle: the life of a visionary” premiered in 2005, the 150th anniversary of Dr. Angle's birth, to acknowledge his trailblazing accomplishments in orthodontics. He was the first dentist in the world to limit his practice to “orthodontia” exclusively (1892), the first to set up a specialty program in orthodontics (1900), the first to organize a society of orthodontists (1901) and the inventor of a succession of ingenious biomechanical systems that culminated in the edgewise appliance (1925) which is a key orthodontic mechanism used today.

This memorable movie (52 minutes) is available on DVD, ideal for anyone interested in orthodontics and for educational programs. The price is US $25, which includes North American shipping and handling (outside North America, US $30 including airmail). Only USA checks, VISA or MasterCard are acceptable. Please copy this order form and send by mail, fax or e-mail with payment details to:

EHASO Central Office

Attn: Jen Jedlicka

P.O. Box 7065

Lawrence, Kansas 66044-7065 USA


Fax: 1-785-843-1274


Forthcoming Publication from The Angle Society (Fall 2006)

“The World of Edward H. Angle, MD, DDS, His Letters, Accounts and Patents” from the Archives of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists (EHASO).

This is a 4-volume limited-edition hard-cover book set of over 3400 pages. Dr. Angle's correspondence and business accounts from 1899 to 1910, among his most creative years, are included. In addition, all of his patents – 46 USA patents and 1 Canadian patent – from 1889 to 1934 (posthumous) are reproduced. These historic materials were preserved by Dr. Anna Hopkins Angle and are now part of the archives of The Angle Society. Typed and handwritten documents have been retyped for legibility and arranged chronologically.

Publication is planned for the autumn of 2006. This one-of-a kind sourcebook will be published on a non-profit basis by The Angle Society for reference libraries, educational/research institutions and individuals. The pre-publication price for the 4-volume historic set is US $1800, plus shipping. After publication, the book-set price will be US $2000, plus shipping. Institutions should provide a purchase order number with their order. Invoices will be sent to institutions when the publication is ready for printing and shipping. Pre-publication orders from individuals will be billed for pre-payment in full. Checks must be in US funds, payable to EHASO.

Outline of Contents

1. Edward H. Angle (frontispiece)

2. Foreword and Acknowledgments

3. Introduction

Doctor Angle – the Man, the Writer, the Inventor, the Professional

4. Biographical Chronology

5. Notes to Readers

6. Facsimiles of Selected Writings

7. Table of Contents

Volume 1 Letters

Volume 2 Letters

Volume 3 Letters


• Chronology of Patents

• Patent Documents in Facsimile

Volume 4 Accounts

• E. H. Angle Regulating Appliance Company

8. Comprehensive Bibliography

• Works by Edward H. Angle

• Works about Edward H. Angle

9. Master Index

• By name

• By subject

Please send pre-publication orders and inquiries to:

Sheldon Peck, DDS, MScD

Secretary, EHASO

1615 Beacon Street

Newton, MA 02468-1507 USA



From: Dr.Mhd. Azhar Kharsa,PhD(Ortho)<azharkharsa@YAHOO.COM>
Subject: Tip Edge

Dear Group,
I'm interested in Tip-Edge!. . .
Has anyone used this, for long?
What are the real advantages and sequels?

Dr.Mhd. Azhar Kharsa,PhD(Ortho)

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