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1. Loose contacts
2. Dental CT Scans
3. Teeth discoloured
4. Antisialogue


Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 23:37:36 -0400
From: "Barry Raphael" <drbarry@ALIGNMINE.COM>
Subject: Loose contacts

I have used, on only two occasions, an appliance from Allesse labs (AOA) called "The Adapter". It an acrylic wraparound appliance made on a set-up model. Its labial acrylic "strap" is attached to the molar area by a sentalloy spring giving it a continuous action to close spaces. Though it's not designed for it, with a little acrylic surgery it can be activated. I have found occasion to use it on posterior IPR cases where I created more space than needed.

Barry Raphael


Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 12:49:29 -0500
From: "Lively Orthodontics, P.A." <mdlively@BELLSOUTH.NET>
Subject: Re: Dental CT Scans

Hi Roy:

Basically, we are right around the corner from using the CT scan for our models, appliances, etc. It will be a bit before the labs are on board but using the scan for indirect bonding, 3-D models, etc is not out of our reach. The software has been written, we just have to wait for the price to come down from $180K. I have decided to wait on both the price and the software to work out the bugs. The difference between the higher resolution and lower resolution is not a great difference in terms of exposure but the patient does have to sit still longer 30-40 sec versus 10-20 sec. Dental impressions will be a thing of the past over the next 10-15 years.

With warmest personal regards,

MARK Mark David Lively,
DMD Lively Orthodontics, P.A.


Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 19:27:20 +1000
From: "Dr P. Miles" <pmiles@BEAUTIFULSMILES.COM.AU>
Subject: FW: teeth discoloured

Hi Susan I read your post with interest as tooth mousse (an ACP product as in Recaldent) has been in use in Australia for some years now for Tx of decalcification during and post-orthodontic treatment. I asked one of the Australian and probably world experts on this topic here in Australia at the University of Queensland, Prof Laurie Walsh, about your concerns and his response is below.  Perhaps some photos would be of help? regards Peter Miles As far as I know there is no ingredient in MI paste which can have a darkening effect on teeth, in fact our digital analysis shows that a lightening effect occurs when patients use this. The chemistry of Mousse uses a neutral ion species (CaHPO4) which works passively and thus any trapping of metallic ions seems drawing a very long bow chemically. Almost all fluoride rinses on the market have an acidic pH (some more than others) and thus an effect from pH could be possible in terms of release of ions from metallic components although I would have thought a more corrosive environment would be needed for that to occur. Colourants from the fluoride rinse could also be an issue. We have used Mousse for probably longer than anyone in the world and have never seen any discolouration reactions. Without photographs it is hard to comment on exactly what the problem may have been  nor to postulate an appropriate fix.

Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 14:15:52 EST
Subject: antisialogue

I have recently begun to use the herbst appliance again and I have been having difficulty keeping a dry enough field to get a nice strong bond.  What is the antisialogue of choice out there? I do not like using any drugs because they all have the risks of side effects but, I think I have no choice. John Benkovich Annapolis Orthodontics
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