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1. If you don't want to hear about aligners, don't click here...
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Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 23:27:57 -0500
From: "Barry Raphael" <drbarry@ALIGNMINE.COM>
Subject: If you don't want to hear about aligners, don't click here...

Here's some feedback for Align.  I just got a Clincheck back. I asked for correction of a second molar crossbite.  The clincheck had the upper second molar moved out to the buccal 14mm so it was in line with the mesially rotated first molar. Yikes!! It would be sticking out her cheek.  So I had to explain to first rotate the first molar buccal-to-distal, then rotate the second molar buccal-to-distal…You get what I'm saying?  No? Hard to see? Wouldn't it be nice if I could manipulate the teeth on the clincheck to show you what I want?   Chalk that up to another improvement that was lost in the fray.

PS. Scott. Had Align offered priority for a kickback, I would have been pissed.



Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 01:03:10 -0600
From: "SCOTT SMORON" <scottsmoron@COMCAST.NET>
Subject: Dr. Kharsa

Dr. Kharsa,

I am a little puzzled at your posting. First, I personally have been starting numerous other threads in this forum. Why don't you comment on one or start one instead of complaining? Or do you have no other insight than to complain about your colleagues using a public forum to communicate about an orthodontic practice related topic. Second, your comment below really surprises me. 1st, I would have to assume you have no experience with this technology or else you would understand why you don't just mail it in. I hate to tell you this, but an extraction case in aligners takes more thorough planning than braces. 2nd, for periodontally involved patients, aligners are god's gift because you can control the movements precisely, load only specific teeth, and not get some of the unintended movements that can occur with standard braces. 3rd, there are patients who simply cannot tolerate fixed appliances. To them, aligners allow them to achieve some of their goals. I would like your comment to someone saying 20 years ago, "Enough of all this straight wire/pre-adjusted talk. For God's sake, can't we all stick to bending stainless steel wires?" scott smoron FROM DR. KHARSA...."I'm afraid that if things carry on like this, orthodontists worldwidely will become oneday completely dependant on modern technologies and "ready-made then delivery" techniques; to an extent that our carrer may become just "taking impressions" and "wait for the mercy of the companies". For the God's sake lets find something to discuss about another than OC,Invisalign or Aligner. . . Thank you."