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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 09:37:44 -0700
From: "allan sheridan" <captainal_92865@YAHOO.COM>
Subject: Risk Management

I teach risk management courses at two major Ortho departments and have practiced for close to 40 years. During that time I have reviewed hundreds of mal-practice claims regarding both perio and root resorption. The panorex is a fine general survey film but totally inadequate for use in root resorption--take periapicals if you want to really see the damage. I recently showed case after case of what appeared to be minimal or no root resorption on a fairly decent panoramic film and then watched eyes roll open when they saw 50% root loss on the pa films taken the same day. We take an annual panorex with pa's of the upper and lower anteriors. In cases with short roots or pre-existing damage we repeat the pa films at 6 month or sooner intervals. When damage is progressing we stop all movement for 3-4 months and have a consultation with the patient regarding the risks and rewards of continuing or stopping treatment.

Allan Sheridan DDS,
MS Orange Co. Calif.


Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 09:38:02 -0400
From: "David E. Paquette" <dave@PAQUETTEORTHO.COM>
Subject: Re: ESCO Digest - 9 Apr 2007 to 11 Apr 2007 (#2007-37)

Roy ,

I too use the Damon Splint for retaining open bites and also for any significant AP corrections with good success.

As far as simultaneous movement in Invisalign tx, you can point the finger at Mike Foy and myself for questioning the logic of segmented tooth movements.  Simultaneous movement mimics a copper niti wire with the maximum velocity of the rate limiting tooth (most complex movement) set below 0.2 mm per stage and all others slower.  The staging editor in a rudimentary form is going to be present in Clincheck 2.5 with the actual velocities hopefully in the subsequent update.

For what it's worth I hope this helps some.

Dave Paquette