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1. Biocryl retainers


Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 18:26:05 +1000
From: "Brett Kerr" <brettkerr@IINET.NET.AU>
Subject: Re: Biocryl retainers

Hi Tim, I used a Biostar for years, because the area I was in had no ortho lab. It works well for many applications, but needs care in trimming the edges. Also you could then only get single colour sheets - that may have changed. The only other problem I remember (haven't used one for 6+ years) was cracking. They are not strong for occlusal coverage, and I recall a weird problem if we put them in the ultrasonic and then either citrate or Micro 10 (sorry - can't exactly recall) - some would form cracks in the body of the plate. Having said all that, I would still use one for an in-house lab. I only got rid of my machines (I had 2 at different times) when I moved practices.

Brett Kerr,
Brisbane Australia