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1. Autotransplantation


Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 17:43:30 -0500
From: "Dr. Tim Dumore" <drtimbo@DRDUMORE.COM>
Subject: Autotransplantation

Hello folks, I have a patient who is missing all MX premolars and #45 as well...looks like it would be a great situation to perform autotransplantation of one of the lower left premolars to the upper arch. Have not treated a case such as this but have been to a number of lectures lately, bought the books, read the articles... I sent the patient to a periodontist who I respect, but who also has not done this procedure. She is interested, but would very much like to observe another periodontist or surgeon who is farther along the learning curve, to watch the procedure and learn from someone before jumping in with both feet, so to speak. ?Does anyone out there have a surgeon that they work with who would be willing to let another doctor observe? My periodontist friend is certainly willing to travel... For what it is worth, we have been very up front with the patient and mom and they are willing to be part of our learning curve. I suspect that I would be very likely to extract 35 or possibly 34 anyway, so if the transplant failed, we would not be any worse off, excepting the expense and morbidity (not to downplay that), and they understand that...

Tim Dumore