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1. The failed forced eruption
2. Autotransplantation
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Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 16:47:34 +0300
From: "Adrian Becker" <adrianb@CC.HUJI.AC.IL>
Subject: The failed forced eruption

Dear ESCO members,

A few weeks ago, Alexander Waldman sent in a question regarding a case where he had attempted forced eruption on a "hopeless" maxillary incisor. The tooth would not respond to extrusion and instead, the adjacent tooth intruded. He thought it was due to ankylosis but, paradoxically, the tooth was mobile and not rigid, as would have been expected.

In the just published second edition of my book "The Orthodontic Treatment of Impacted Teeth", I describe an entity called "invasive cervical resorption", first described by Heithersay in 1999. Two cases of non-eruption related to this phenomenon are illustrated there, one with a successful treatment outcome and one without. This phenomenon could provide the answer for the description and the non-response described by Alexander Waldman. Perhaps this could be the reason for the failure of Dr. Waldman's case.

Adrian Becker


Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 22:01:34 +1000
From: "Mark Cordato" <markc@IX.NET.AU>
Subject: Re: Autotransplantation

Hi Tim,

I know this is a little tongue in cheek. My patients travel 200Kms to Alistair Stevenson in Sydney Australia. We had a run of them, 4 in the last 12 months. Check out the venue for the 2010 WFO congress while you are there, his office is 1Km from the convention centre. So far all are looking good clinically and radiographically. On 30 May 2007 at 17:43, Dr. Tim Dumore wrote: > Hello folks, > > I have a patient who is missing all MX premolars and #45 as well...looks > like it would be a great situation to perform autotransplantation of one > of the lower left premolars to the upper arch. Have not treated a case > such as this but have been to a number of lectures lately, bought the > books, read the articles... I sent the patient to a periodontist who I > respect, but who also has not done this procedure. She is interested, but > would very much like to observe another periodontist or surgeon who is > farther along the learning curve, to watch the procedure and learn from > someone before jumping in with both feet, so to speak. > > ?Does anyone out there have a surgeon that they work with who would be > willing to let another doctor observe? My periodontist friend is > certainly willing to travel... > > For what it is worth, we have been very up front with the patient and mom > and they are willing to be part of our learning curve. I suspect that I > would be very likely to extract 35 or possibly 34 anyway, so if the > transplant failed, we would not be any worse off, excepting the expense > and morbidity (not to downplay that), and they understand that... > > Hopeful, > Tim Dumore > Winnipeg > Mark Cordato Bathurst Australia


Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 02:24:48 -0400
From: "charles ruff" <orthodmd@MAC.COM>
Subject: Re: autotransplantation


1. try and get of copy of Andreasen's book on autotransplantation. really the best resource. I just checked Amazon. Not available. You might be able to borrow one from the AAO or ADA libraries. Tsukiboshi's book from Quintessessence is available but I'm not sure if it is the same quality as Andreasen's. just not sure

2. I've also tried to interest local perio or OS's in doing this but had little luck although recently a periodontist expressed an interest

3. Bill Northway of Traverse City Michigan is the only ortho I know outside of Scandanavia who has done any number of these

4. recently I asked Zachrisson about this and he stressed how technique sensitive the procedure is. He also let me know that three perios from the Pacific NW are going to travel to Norway in the near future to observe the procedure and then to start teaching it in the US. I assume we'll let Canadiens in for this purpose. As soon as I know more, I'll post it here.

My personal feelings are that this is a great technique and needs greater dissemination to the profession. Maybe we can get Damon to start talking about it. :-)

charlie ruff