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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 07:07:51 EDT
Subject: Re: ESCO Digest - 23 Aug 2007 to 4 Sep 2007 (#2007-67)

In answer to Mark Ballard's question about building a crown on a TAD for a missing lateral: I did it on one patient so far with two missing laterals.  The left one lasted a month and the right one stayed on for about three months.  This was a very difficult and active 14 y.o. male and was probably the wrong patient, but I was having trouble getting him to wear a removable without breaking it.  Although it did not work for him, I will be trying it again on another patient.  I think it can work.  They looked great.

Greg Scott
Lakeland, FL

Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 23:21:02 -0700
From: "Paul Thomas" <PaulT@DOLPHINIMAGING.COM>
Subject: Re: TAD's as restorative base for missing laterals

It's much better to use one of the temporary implants which is special made for this purpose.  I had used these when still practicing in the US.  Steri-Oss has (or at least had) such a product called the IPI; as does Dentatus:   Imtec markets the MDI/Sendax which was the basis for their ortho TAD fixture, but its shape doesn't really lend itself for that purpose.