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  1. General/pediatric dentist-ortho communication

Date: Sunday, September 30, 2007 7:32 PM
From: Dr. Robert W. Bruno <Orthos68@AOL.COM>
Subject: General/pediatric dentist-ortho communication

Dear Members,

I was wondering how much updating/communicating of patient status to our referrers do most ortho docs maintain? My question comes up since a good referrer was upset with my office not communicating and updating his office on his patient's status.   I personally send a letter that summarizes the treatment plan, plus a copy of the initial pan.  If cooperation with brushing or elastics reaches a serious point, then I will send a letter to update the referring dentist. At treatment completion, I notify the referring dentist the braces are off and send a final pan when it is taken. Any progress pans sent routinely?

Rob Bruno
Manhasset, New York