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Date: Monday, October 22, 2007 9:16 AM
From: David Paquette <davep@PAQUETTEORTHO.COM>
Subject: Re: new office

I would agree with being heavily involved in the design yourself.  I designed my office based on all of Warren Hamula's articles 20 years ago and it is still very current.  I have of course replaced carpet etc several times over the years and played around a little with space usage but the basic design has not changed.  It is not as flashy as some that I have seen designed by architects, etc but still functions perfectly for flow and usage.  I used a dental supply company for plumbing specs, etc.

Good luck.

Dave Paquette


Date: Saturday, October 20, 2007 1:48 PM
From: Benton Runquist <davisorthodontist@MAC.COM>
Subject: How to subscribe to this list?

"Back in the day" (think Joe Zernick, USC) I think there was a short 
summary at the bottom of each digest that mentioned how someone could 
subscribe, or unsubscribe to this list.
I've given the current reply address to another orthodontist friend 
of mine but he has had no luck getting signed up.
Would it be possible to have this as a topic....How to 
subscribe....with detailed instructions regarding the person (e-mail 
address) to contact, what needs to be in the 'subject line' and what 
the 'message' should read.
Davis, CA


Date: Monday, October 22, 2007 10:43 AM
From: terry sobler <>
Subject: Re: New Office

For help in the design of  new office ,I suggest you look on the AAO web site for the new office design  link. It is designed to give you all you need to make intelligent decisions.
Terry sobler

Date: Friday, October 22, 2007 9:28 AM
From: Elliot Taynor <etaynor@ABEST.COM>
Subject: Insurance and General Philosophy

To the Group,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dr. D. Johnsons response to Rob.  We have a four Dr. practice and pretty much do the same thing.  In response to many of the questions posed on this forum, the answers seem pretty simple to me.  Why don't you just treat the patient or parent like you would like to be treated elsewhere.  I am always thankful for the office which pro actively helps me with my insurance. I am always happy with the professional office where i don't have to wait excessive amounts of time. I am always pleased with the office that answers the phone without the "press one for Latin, two for farci, etc".  If you like to be treated that way, then why not extend that courtesy to your patients. 

Have you ever been annoyed at the businesses that posts a "no personal checks accepted"? We all know why that sign is up.  Which one of us would like to put that sign up in our office.  But, we don't. We, all, have had payment checks bounce, but why penalize the majority for the faults of the very small minority.  I don't like that sign in my car mechanics garage, and i wouldn't put it in my office.
However, in Dr. Johnson's letter, i did question what constitutes "way too many times....".  I like to think that every patient is honest until proven not.  It is hard to penalize the next patient in spite of what the last patient did. 

I guess I'm still somewhat naive even after thirty five years of Orthodontics.

Elliot Taynor
Port Jefferson, NY