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  1. Call for Abstracts; 3D Models DIY; Decalcification; 1st congress WSLO
  2. Tooth brushing and motivation
  3. Decal at debonding; Decalcifications, poor gingival health; Cystic Fibrosis
  4. Re: Cystic Fibrosis; Myasthenia Gravis; CT scan for ankylosis / satisfaction questionnaire
  5. Cat scans for ankylosed teeth (RE: CT scan for ankylosis); RE: CT scan for ankylosis; Re: Patient survey (Re: satisfaction questionnaire); Question on anchorage; Marketing
  6. Response to Dr. Sanoo; inherent edgewise disadvantages; Re: Marketing/Consultant; Herbst; Bonding to Ceramic Crowns
  7. How to bond to porcelain; "Yellow" sealant?; Response to Dr. Speck about the disadvantages of Edgewise Orthodontics; Sequential versus en-masse movement; Cements; Herbst and Crown/cement issues; Re: More on limitations of edgewise bracket; Tip Edge
  8. Bonding Porcelain; New educational materials available from The Angle Society; Tip-Edge
  9. The 11th International Symposium on Dentofacial Development and Function; Re: Nickel allergy-palatal expansion; For Charlie and other responders; Tip-Edge, Damon etc.; Tack welder; Sealant to prevent white spot lesions
  10. Cementing Stainless steel crown Herbsts; En masse versus two-step anterior retraction; Late Tooth development; SS Crown Herbst Cement correction; Marfan's syndrome; Digital study models; X-ray scanner for Dental Impressions
  11. Indirect bonding; Inverted Maxillary Bicuspids; As simple as fitting a headgear
  12. Re: Indirect bonding; HOLIDAYS WITH DENTAL CONFERENCES; Re: management software; Re: Second bicuspids; As simple as fitting headgear; Bonding to stainless steel crowns
  13. HOLIDAYS WITH DENTAL CONFERENCES; Re: management software; Re: Indirect Bonding; Second bicuspids; As simple as fitting headgear; Braces
  14. A much-needed step toward more evidence-based decisions -- open access; Switching from one management software to another -- how easy and complete was it? Another benefit of RPE in mouthbreathers; Cone Beam vs digital Pan-Ceph
  15. Digital records; Library Services; En mass VS Two Stage Retraction (again); Coneheads
  16. Retracting canines; En masse v. sequential retraction; Coneheads; Re: anchorage
  17. Indirect bonding; Incisor Retraction; Canadian Wisdom; Re:En masse v. sequential retraction
  18. Sending mail to the list; Class II correction
  19. Re: Tip Edge; Class II correction
  20. Re: Tip-Edge; Re: Class II correction; Best camera
  21. Re: Tip-Edge; Ceramic Tip-Edge; Re: Best Digital Camera; Edgewise and Tip-Edge Comments
  22. Graves Disease; My experience with Tip-Edge
  23. Bonded lower retainer wire; Tip edge tooth movement; Torquing with an 016 niti; Tip Edge
  24. Re: Tip edge tooth movement; Bbonded lower retainer wire; Tip-Edge Torque Illustration
  25. Fixed Retention; Tip-Edge Torque Illustration; Retention Protocol; Classification-nomenclature-reg
  26. Re: Bonded lower retainers; Re: Classification-nomenclature-reg
  27. Torquing with TipEdge; Respones to Drs. Mcdonald and Viecilli; additional Tip-Edge
  28. Re: Tip-Edge and Torquing; Torquing with TipEdge- part 2; 3. Torquing with TipEdge; Super Class II
  29. Tip-edge Torque 3
  30. Sterilzation; ??? for Elliott M.
  31. Thermacure and More; Re: Sterilzation
  32. Re: indirect bonding
  33. Re: indirect bonding; Re: indirect bonding; Align Technology
  34. On premolar heights-prescription brackets-reg; Re: indirect bonding; Nickel-free molar brackets; Ref: indirect bonding
  35. End cutters; Photo bond primer; OrthoClear's death; Indirect bonding & RME's
  36. TAD device; Re: Sterilization; On patents and OrthoClear v. Invisalign; RME and indirect bonding
  37. Re: Cold air preventing heat sterilization; Sleep Apnea Appliances; Digital Camera; On patents and OrthoClear v. Invisalign
  38. Re: Sleep Apnea Appliances; Invisalign
  39. Re: Invisalign
  40. Re: Invisalign
  41. Ref premolar heights; Re: Invisalign
  42. Hiring office manager; Respect; Re: Invisalign
  43. Re: Invisalign
  44. Typodont
  45. The Orthoclear advantage; Radiation Therapy
  46. THANKS ESCO and Align Backlog? Re: Radiation Therapy; Not another Invisalign comment; Another Problem with OC and Align
  47. Align's tactics; Atropine; Aligner & Invisalign
  48. Yet More on Invisalign (Shu up!) 2. Re: inventory control software
  49. Inventory? 2. Lasers 3. TADs...? 4. OrthoClear Credit Charges and does Align get it?
  50. TAD's; Auto immune disease; Invisalign vs. OrthoClear...Once and for all!
  51. Folding; OC and Align; Miscommunication? Resorbable solution?
  52. Re: Miscommunication? Resorbable solution? Newbie, Lasers, Tip-Edge and I gotta be me; Ortho Program Tuition
  53. Electrosurgery; Behcet's disease & orthodontics; OC Submission; Re: scott; Finger Habit; Re: TADS



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