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  1. OrthoClear Conversion
  2. Re: OC & Invisalign; Gary Carter and TADs; Dr. Miles' Topical Solution, electrosurg
  3. If you don't want to hear about aligners, don't click here... Dr. Kharsa
  4. Technology and change; Dr. Smoron; Re: Finger Habit; Re: Align; TADs
  5. Employee Handbook; MEAD; Electrocautery; TADs insertion; TAD Placement; FDA notice to Pharmacies compounding Topical Anesthetics
  6. Re: habit breakers; MEAWS; FDA notice to Pharmacies compounding Topical Anesthetics; Donnatal Tablets; Compounded anesthetics; Employee Handbook; Topicals
  7. MEAW; Introral Nance fabrication; IMTEC Implant Driver problem...but love the system; FDA notice to Pharmacies compounding Topical Anesthetics; Donnatal Tablets/Sal-tropine
  8. Nanace button and MEAW; Introral Nance fabrication; Re: MEAD; Eigth key of occlusion?
  9. Re MEAW; Dr. Sato MEAW Course; MEAW
  10. AAO dispute; MEAW; Dr Joshua Wachpress; Biphosphonates; Digital Camera
  11. Biphosphonates; Kevin's School Flyer; Re: Digital Camera; AAO dispute; Bisphosphonates
  12. AAO Dispute; Bisphosphonate-Charlie Ruff; Invisalign and...ELASTICS! Bisphosphonates; Re: Digital Camera
  13. Invisalign and...ELASTICS! Bisphosphonate or hormones? Oral Bisphosphonates and Orthodontic treatment
  14. Re: Invisalign and elastics; Sure Smile Opinions
  15. Prioritising ESCO posting topics; Temporary Anchorage Devices; SureSmile Opinions; Invisalign Elastics
  16. Various; Re: SureSmile Opinions
  17. Suresmile; Technology
  18. The tale of the headless lateral...Technology; Suresmile, Technology et al
  19. Lab stone; Retraction re "Headless Lateral"; Various-on openness-Vulnerability to marketing; Open standards for 3D already exist; The tale of the headless lateral...Re: Tale of Headless Lateral; SureSmile opinions; Technology Standards
  20. Lab stone
  21. Re: Lab stone
  22. Re: Lab stone
  23. Essix models; Closing mechanics
  24. Re: Closing mechanics; Light contacts; Dr William Hyman:closing mechanics; sliding mechanics; closing mechanics
  25. Re: light contacts
  26. Re: light contacts; Re: closing mechanics; Fluoride; LIGHT CONTACTS and CLOSING MECHANICS ON BRACHYCEPHALIC PATIENTS
  27. Dental CT Scans; Light Contacts
  28. Loose contacts; Dental CT Scans; Teeth discoloured; Antisialogue
  29. Re: Antisialogue; CT Scans; Consecutive Intrusion Arch (CIA)
  30. Finishing with Class III molars; CT scans
  31. Upper molar translation brackets; Re: Finishing with Class III molars; Finishing with Class II molars
  32. Re: Finishing with Class II molars
  33. Growth hormone; 20x20 molars; Open bite retention; Extending the class II discussion onto anterior torque; Re: Finishing with Class II molars
  34. Re: open bite retention; TAD Intrusion retention and appliances; Re: growth hormone; An Alternative to Max. Bicuspid Extraction
  35. Re: An Alternative to Max. Bicuspid Extraction; Re: growth hormone; Dr. Lively; Turned around premolars; Growth hormone effect on arch length; Re: open bite retention
  36. Daily peridex; Re: Damon System; first molar extraction; adult open bite retention; Dr. Lively; Class II molar finishing; Routine radiographs
  37. Re: first molar extraction; Class II molar finishing; Routine radiographs; daily peridex; Progress Pano, Cl2 molar, openbite retention, etc
  38. Risk Management; Re: Damon System
  39. Peridex; Class II molar finishing; class 2 part 2
  40. Class II molar finishing
  41. Forced eruption
  42. Re: Forced eruption
  43. Movement of reimplanted central incisor
  44. Movement of reimplanted central incisor; Addendum to reimplanted incisor posting
  45. Re: Addendum to reimplanted incisor posting; Damon mesh; Orthocad IQ; Reply To Dr. Speck
  46. Damon bond failure; Orthocad IQ
  47. Orthocad IQ; OrthoCAD
  48. Biocryl retainers; SureSmile
  49. Re: Biocryl retainers
  50. Protocols for MIA
  51. Re: MIA
  52. Classification for isolated cleft palate; Swallowing things
  53. Autotransplantation
  54. The failed forced eruption; Autotransplantation; Re: Autotransplantation
  55. Biostar Retainers
  56. Scrubs v. ties and aligner satisfaction; Damon; canker sores; Nickel allergy: suggestions? Photo Printer and Printer/Scanner in-one device; Age as determinant of success with palatal cuspids
  57. Nickel allergy; Damon system a reaction to Dr Lively; Re: Damon; CL III treatment; Adult Clearance Form;
    Canker sores; Ink jet; Canines; Scrubs  Periapical films; Self ligation bracket; Age as determinant of success with palatal cuspids
  58. Re: Damon; Re: Damon system and SL brackets
  59. Response to Peter Miles on Damon
  60. Adult Impacted Canines; Ink jet
  61. Email communication; Root resorption; Impacted canines; Impacted Canines; New orthodontic free website /; Adult Impacted Canines
  62. Archwire removal for cleanings
  63. What is the right thing to say? Re: Arch wire removal for cleaning; Administration
  64. The Right thing to say; ABO Certified Orthodontist; ABO Turf ISSUE; Headgear assisted by RPE; Expansion/contraction; Ed O'Keefe; Soft tissue over impacted canines and around lasers
  65. Re: Ed O'Keef; Re: Headgear assisted by RPE expansion/contraction; Re: Archwire removal for cleanings
  66. Re: Headgear assisted by RPE expansion/contraction; ABO certification; Patient with family history of late mand growth; Re: Cl.III  RPE
  67. ABO; TAD's as restorative base for missing laterals; Re: Class III
  68. Re: TAD's as restorative base for missing laterals
  69. Peri-Oral Scarring and Treatment; Re: TAD's as restorative base for missing laterals; Transitional implants
  70. APC precoats; Peri-oral scarring; Transitional implants
  71. Plastic surgery/arch distortion; Re: APC precoats; Re: APC precoats; TAD's for missing laterals; Forsus
  72. General/pediatric dentist-ortho communication
  73. Re: General/pediatric dentist-ortho communication; Missed Initial Consultation Visits; Cone beam  question;
    Progress reports to referring dentists; PROFORMA SOFTWARE; Orthodontic DVD
  74. Handling patient insurance; Communication; New Office; Invitation to a special Orthodontic seminar; Failed Initial Consults
  75. Handling patient insurance; Invisalign; New Office
  76. New office
  77. New office; How to subscribe to this list? Re: office design; Insurance and General Philosophy
  78. Insurance and General Philosophy; New office; Instructions of Using ESCO; Interesting Molar relationship-Pseudoclass IV
  79. Trusting patients to pay
  80. Bite Correctors
  81. Prophylactic frenectomy
  82. Re: Frenectomy
  83. Ectopic maxillary molar
  84. Jack Fisher; Halterman appliance; Chelsea Clinton; Re: ectopic maxillary molar; Faster Ortho
  85. Retainer; Re: Faster Ortho; Re: Ectopic maxillary molars
  86. Retainer Stories; Interesting pano; Re: Ectopic molars
  87. Re; Interesting Pano; Re: Ectopic Molar Post
  88. Re: Interesting Pano; Special issue; Retainers swallowed



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