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Current patients should call the doctors' direct telephone numbers.

Patients for the UIC Orthodontic Clinic may acquire information about appointments, fees, IDPA status via email:


New Patient Screenings

UIC Department of Orthodontic Clinic new patient screenings or evaluations are currently OPEN.

For a screening appointment, we request that you contact our office via email to (please write APPOINTMENT NEEDED as the email subject) OR call us at 312-996-7505 or 312-996-7506 for an updated voicemail message.

We cannot accommodate walk-ins. We do apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.



Our clinic is part of the College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The newly-remodelled clinic features an open design and provides a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for the patients and personnel. It is conveniently located on the first floor of the College of Dentistry in Room 131.


The goal of the Department of Orthodontics is to provide orthodontic care that is specific and appropriate to the needs of each patient. The College of Dentistry offers high quality care in a convenient setting. Patients are treated using contemporary and advanced techniques under strict infection control guidelines.

  • The postdoctoral clinic offers comprehensive treatment of malocclusion ("braces") provided by dentists who are in training to be orthodontists.
  • The minor tooth movement clinic offers care by students in the D.D.S. program of our college.
  • The faculty practice provides treatment in a setting that is similar to a private office, but with all the resources of College of Dentistry and Health Sciences Center close at hand.
Services performed by residents and students in the postdoctoral and minor tooth movement clinics are carefully supervised by members of the faculty. These clinics are primarily for teaching and only patients who meet the educational needs of the department are selected for treatment. Please be aware that treatment may take more time in the resident and student clinics.

We accept patients having all types of malocclusions, ranging from very simple to extremely complex conditions. To treat skeletal jaw disharmonies, the Department has developed very close working relationships with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the UIC Craniofacial Center. If you think we may be able to help you, please call us at 312-996-7505.



Are Braces for You?
Not everyone with less than perfect teeth needs to have "braces." A reasonable estimate is that about 50% of individuals will gain enough benefit from wearing "braces" to go ahead with the time and expense of orthodontic treatment.

Take Note
Certain conditions, such as many missing teeth or periodontal ("gum") disease, may make orthodontic treatment difficult or inadvisable. While orthodontic treatment can often improve the appearance and bite of the teeth, it will not make your teeth healthier or prevent tooth loss due to cavities or periodontal disease. Nor is orthodontic treatment a "cure" for jaw joint (TMJ) problems.

Quality, Confidence, Convenience
The College of Dentistry offers high quality care in a convenient setting. Patients are treated using contemporary and advanced techniques under strict infection control guidelines.



About the First Visit

When you call, the receptionist will ask what concerns you about your mouth or teeth. If it is clear that you should be seen by a particular person, that will be arranged. In any case, your first appointment will be for an initial examination to determine (1) whether you have a condition that would require "braces", and (2) if the answer is 'yes', whether it should be handled by a predoctoral or postdoctoral student, or referred to a faculty member. The cost of the treatment will be presented along with an estimate of the time it will take. There is no charge for the initial examination.

Records Appointment

If treatment is indicated and you're prepared to go ahead, an appointment for complete records will be arranged. Records usually include a thorough examination and history, molds of the teeth, photographs, X-rays of the teeth, X-ray(s) of the entire face and jaws ("ceph"), and occasionally an X-ray of the hand and wrist in a growing patient.

Consultation Appointment

After careful study of the records a diagnosis and plan of treatment are put together. At the consultation appointment, all the corrections that are needed will be explained and the plan of treatment will be described. This will include risks and benefits of the proposed treatment, the need for cooperation and care of the mouth and "braces" while the treatment is taking place, and long-term retention of the orthodontic result.

Questions and discussion between the patient, the orthodontist, and the parent (if the patient is a minor) are encouraged. If everyone agrees to the proposed treatment, an appointment to begin the necessary procedures will be arranged.

Financial Arrangements

Payment Policies: College of Dentistry policy requires payment at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. If your treatment plan requires multiple visits, you will be given an estimate of the costs and asked to make financial arrangements with a member of our business office staff.

Records fee (between $519-$584) is due at the full records appointment;

50% of the total treatment fee (varied depending on the treatment type and appliances) is due at the consultation appointment;

Another 50% of the total treatment fee is due at the braces delivery appointment.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, as well as cash or check, for in-house payments. 

Your comprehensive treatment fee does not include any additional dental work that may be required, i.e. extractions, cleanings fillings or any other dental work deemed necessary before orthodontic treatment begins.

We do NOT accept insurance assignment but we will be happy to submit your insurance and do any follow-up necessary.

* Insurance Forms: Dental insurance may cover some, but not all, of the cost of your dental care. Most plans include coinsurance, a deductible and other expenses which must be paid by the patient. If you have dental insurance that covers orthodontic treatment, please bring your plan information with you to your first visit. We will work with you to assure that you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. At the end of each visit you will receive all the information necessary to file your insurance claim. If you have questions regarding your coverage, please ask a member of our business office staff and we will work with you to find the answer.

DentaQuest (IDPA) Patients

If a patient is the beneficiary of the Doral DentaQuest (IDPA), the residents will determine if the patient is covered for DentaQuest submittal for orthodontic treatment approval during the screening appointment. The residents use an evaluative technique called the Salzmann Index. This scoring system will add up all of the problems with the patient's current teeth status and a score will be produced. This score must be equal or over 42 in order for the patient to be submitted to the Doral office for approval.

It normally takes 3-4 weeks to get the case evaluated by the Doral office. Our clinic staff will contact you as soon as we receive the notice from Doral. You may also visit Doral's website ( or call 1-800-341-8478 to verify your benefits and claim status.

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