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Contact Information

3030 Student Services Building

1200 West Harrison Street

(312) 996-4857 (phone)

(312) 413-3716 (fax)




The Dean of Students area is committed to enhancing the quality of student life, contributing to student academic success, and facilitating student development and learning in partnership with the diverse UIC community.



Our work is guided by the following core values:


                       Respect: Celebrating the dignity and diversity of each human being with whom we interact.


                       Achievement: Helping students to attain their personal best and to develop strategies to fulfill educational, personal , and professional goals.


                       Communication: Encouraging open and healthy discussion of student concerns, serving as "a voice for students",disseminating helpful and timely information to students, and responding to student needs.


                       Integrity: Modeling and teaching behavior and principles based on honesty and ethical decision-making.


                       Teamwork: Working collaboratively within the UIC community and external groups to promote student success.


                       Competence: Committing ourselves to professional standards of service and staff development.



                       Creativity: Developing innovative strategies to address campus challenges and resolve student issues.




The Dean of Students area at the University of Illinois at Chicago is comprised of the following areas: Career Services (Student Employment Office), Counseling Center (Testing and Test Scoring, In-Touch Hotline, Counseling Services), Dean of Students’ Office (Student Judicial Affairs, Student Advocacy Services, Campus Mediation Center, Student Ombuds Service, Student Legal Services, Student Government Advising), International Services, Student Development Services (New Student Orientation, Student Leadership Development, Parents' Programs, Volunteer Services, UIC Ambassadors, and Wellness Center), Student Financial Aid (Veterans Affairs).

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