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David F. Merriman

Professor, Institute of Government and Public Affairs
Ph.D.  University of Wisconsin, 1983
CV: Link

Fields of Interest:
State and Local Public Finance, Urban and Regional Economics, Fiscal Federalism.

Selected Research:
“The micro-geography of tax avoidance:  Evidence from littered cigarette packs in Chicago,” forthcoming American Economic Journal:  Economic Policy .

“Does Tax Increment Finance Stimulate Municipal Annexations?” with Mark Skidmore and Russel Kashian, forthcoming Land Economics.

“Spillovers from Tax Increment Financing Districts: Implications for Housing Price Appreciation” with Rachel Weber and Saurav Dev Bhatta in Regional Science and Urban Economics 37(2):259-281 March 2007.

"A Theoretical Analysis of Medicaid Supplantation" Public Finance Review 34(1):33-59, January 2006.

“Convergence in Government Spending:  Theory and Cross-Country Evidence” with Mark Skidmore and Hideki Toya Kyklos 2004.  57(4):587-619.

"Does Tax Increment Financing Raise Urban Industrial Property Values? ", with Rachel Weber and Surav Bhatta Urban Studies 40(10):2001-2021, September 2003. reprinted in Urban Planning Overseas (Journal of the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design) 21(4) (August 2006) in Mandarin

"Cigarette Smuggling Does Not Reduce the Public Health Benefits of Cigarette Taxes" Applied Economic Letters , 9( ):pp. 493-496, 2002.

“The Impact of Property Tax Classification on Economic Activity in Cook County, Illinois,” with Richard Dye and Therese McGuire Journal of Regional Science .41(4): pp. 757-778, November 2001.

“The Effects of Tax Increment Financing on Economic Development” co-authored with Richard Dye in the Journal of Urban Economics 47(): pp. 306-328, March 2000.

"Did Distortionary Sales Taxation Contribute to the Growth of the Service Sector?” with Mark Skidmore in the National Tax Journal 53(1):pp.125-142, March 2000.

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