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Job Market Candidates

This web page contains information on graduate students from the Department of Economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago who are seeking jobs for the next academic year. Please contact placement director Darren Lubotsky, If you have any questions.

Eva Dziadula
CV | Homepage
Job Market paper: The Determinants of Citizenship by Naturalization in the United States: A Closer Look at Education
Fields: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Economic Demography
Dissertation committee: Barry Chiswick (Co-Chair), Evelyn Lehrer(Co-Chair), Ben Ost, Steven Rivkin, Houston Stokes

Billy Foster
CV | Homepage
Job Market paper: Wall of Smoke: Border Effects of Smoking Bans on Employment in Bars and Restaurants
Fields: Public Economics, Health Economics, Econometrics, Behavioral Economics, Law and Economics, Public Choice, Urban Economics, International Economics, Labor Economics, Sports Economics
Dissertation committee: Frank Chaloupka (Chair), Robert Kaestner, Deirdre McCloskey, Richard Peck, Joseph Persky, Michael Wenz

Brian Goegan
CV | Homepage
Job Market paper: Smoking under Pressure: The Effect of Cigarette Taxes on Body Weight and Hypertension
Fields: Health Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, Public Choice, Labor Economics, Sports Economics
Dissertation committee: Frank Chaloupka (Chair), Marcus Casey, Robert Kaestner, Joseph Persky, Lisa Powell

Suqin Gu
CV | Homepage
Job Market paper: Price and Volatility Dynamics in Onshore and Offshore Equity Index Futures Market
Fields: Financial Economics, Time Series Modeling, Asset Pricing and Volatility, Corporate Finance/Accounting, International Economics, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics
Dissertation committee: Houston Stokes (Chair), Gilbert Bassett, Jin man Lee, Dale Rosenthal, Stanley Sclove

Ramona Krauss
CV | Homepage
Job Market paper: Weight, Early Sexual Debut, and Risky Sex: A Longitudinal Study of Black and White Adolescent Girls
Fields: Health Economics, Labor Economics
Dissertation committee: Frank Chaloupka (Chair), Barry Chiswick, Evelyn Lehrer, Lisa Powell, Houston Stokes, Roy Wada

Carlos Villarreal
CV | Homepage
Job Market paper: Where the Other Half Lives: Evidence on the Origin and Persistence of Poor Neighborhoods from New York City 1830-2011
Fields: Urban Economics, Public Economics Economic History, Applied Microeconomics
Dissertation committee: Joseph Persky (Chair), Hoyt Bleakley (University of Chicago). Dora Costa (UCLA), Robert Kaestner, Deirdre McCloskey

Placement Director
Darren Lubotsky
Associate Professor
(312) 996-6240

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