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Home >>Undergraduate >>Minor in Human Capital and Labor Markets

Minor in Human Capital and Labor Markets

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a Minor in Human Capital and Labor Markets. The minor is an option for undergraduate students who wish to complement their major field of study with knowledge on various aspects of human resources, including investments in education and health, work in the labor market, and economic demography. The minor requires 18 hours as distributed below:

Required Courses—Human Capital and Labor: 18hrs

Note: Students may use courses to fulfill the requirements in both their major and this minor, but the credit hours may only be used in one or the other. For example, a student majoring in Sociology may use SOC 224 for this minor, but would need to take an extra 3-hour 200-level Sociology course towards the Sociology major. Please note that students choosing to take PSCH 210, SOC 224, SOC 225, or SOC 244 must take the corresponding prerequisite course(s).

(updated 01/29/2013)


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