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The Department of Endodontics Welcomes You

Incoming Postdoctoral Student Brings Promise of New Horizons for Endodontics

Second Incoming Postdoctoral Student Awarded First Place in AADR "Young Investigator Award"

Educating The New Endodontist For America

The Department of Endodontics needs your support. In order to stay on the cutting edge of endodontics while providing the best possible education for our students we need the help of alumni and friends. As the College of Dentistry embarks on its $35 million Brilliant Futures Campaign, one of the most critical initiatives will impact the Department of Endodontics as we strive to raise $2 million in private support to create a state-of-the-art endodontic postgraduate clinic. read more . . .
Contributions can be mailed to the departmental office stipulating that they be placed in the University of Illinois Foundation - New Clinic Fund or an online donation can be made.

Watch a "Real Video" of an Endodontic Surgery
Note: Requires Real Player to view video clip. This is a large file and is best accessed on a cable, DSL or T1 internet connection

last updated July 27, 2009

UIC Nondiscrimination Statement including the new Public Formal Grievance Procedures

"Any member of the public who alleges age (under the Age Discrimination Act) or disability (under Title II of the American with Disabilities Act) discrimination on the basis of class may refer to the Public Formal Grievance Procedures. The Public Formal Grievance Procedures addresses complaints of discrimination on the basis of age and/or disability in any activity, policy, rule, standard, or method of administration that is related to the operation of a University program. Please refer to the policy located at"