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If You Want to Minor in Moving Image Arts

The LAS/A&A Moving Image Arts Minor requires 18 credit hours of coursework covering the analysis and creation of film, television, video and new digital media works. The subject matter includes media history, aesthetics, theory, and technique. In these courses, you will develop interpretive and critical thinking skills, learn about media history and forms, and acquire the practical skills called for in advanced work in film writing, criticism, and scholarship. You may also gain experience with the techniques involved in film, video and new media production.

As a complement to your major, the MOVI Minor encourages you to consider Moving Image Arts from the perspective of other disciplines and professional fields. Its courses can be taken in tandem with a vast range of majors, including Business, English, Art History, Foreign Languages, History, and Sociology.

Program Requirements

Prerequisite Courses. No prerequisite courses Minor. The Minor requires 18 hours of approved course work. All students wishing to complete the Minor choose their courses according to the program presented below. The 18 hours are divided between meeting four required courses (one introductory course, two film or broadcasting/digital media history courses, and one seminar) and choosing two electives. Among the issues to be addressed in the required and elective minor courses are:

+ film, television, video and new media theory
+ film, television, video and new media histories
+ the creation of moving images
+ the structure and operation of media industries
+ film and video as technology and in relation to other media technologies
+ the reception of film, television, video and new digital media
+ genres, directors, and national and global cinemas

Minor Requirements

You must select a faculty adviser from among the members of the Moving Image Arts Committee.

You must fulfill four required courses from the Moving Art Images course list: one introduction (MOVI 102/121/170), two film or broadcasting/digital media histories (MOVI 200/232/233), and one seminar (MOVI 302). Courses to be distributed as below.

You must fulfill two elective courses from the approved Moving Image Arts course list.

Required Courses

MOVI = Moving Image Arts rubric (crosslisted between LAS and A&A)

One of the following: 3 or 4 hours

MOVI 102/ENGL 102 Introduction to Film (3 hours)
MOVI 121/ENGL 121 Introduction to Moving Image Arts (3 hours)
MOVI 170/AD 170 Introduction to Time-Based Visual Arts (4 hours)

Two of the following: 6 hours

MOVI 200/COMM 200 Communication Technology (3 hours)
MOVI 232/AH 232/ENGL 232 Film History I: 1890 to World War II (3 hours)
MOVI 233/AH 233/ENGL 233 Film History II: World War II to the Present (3 hours)

Seminar: 3 hours

MOVI 302/ENGL 302 Studies in the Moving Image (3 hours)
Prerequisite: Engl 102 (Introduction to Film) or consent of instructor

Two Elective Courses from the following: 6 or 7 hours

Art and Design
170: Introduction to Time-Based Visual Arts (4 hours)
264: Media Explorations
265: Representation and Media
271: Cinema I
272: Cinema II

Art History
232: History of Film I: 1890 to World War II (Same as English 232) (3 hours)
233: History of Film II: World War II to the Present (Same as English 233) (3 hours)
432: Topics in Film and Video (3 hours)
434: Women and Film (Same as English 472 and Gender and Women’s Studies 472) (3 hours)

211: Visual Anthropology (3 hours)

103: Media Processes and Effects (3 hours)
200: Communication Technology (3 hours)
330: Mass Media and Popular Culture (3 hours)

102: Introduction to Film (3 hours)
120: Film and Culture (3 hours)
121: Introduction to Moving Image Arts (3 hours)

440: Topics in French and Francophone Cinema (3 hours)

Germanic Studies
217: German Cinema (3 hours)
422: Germanic Cultural Studies III: Themes (3 hours)

180: Italian Cinema (3 hours)

Latin American Studies
278: Latin American/Latino Film Studies (3 hours)

234: Philosophy and Film (3 hours)

150: Introduction to Polish Cinema (3 hours)

150: Introduction to Russian Cinema (3 hours)

Total: 18 or 20 hours


[Art & Design]
[Art History]
[Germanic Studies]
[Slavic and Baltic      Languages and      Literature]
[Spanish, French,      Italian, and      Portuguese]
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Download the [MOVI Teaching Guidelines] as a Microsoft Word document

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Moving Image Arts Faculty Committee

Sara Hall: German
John Ireland: Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese
Steve Jones: Communication
Silvia Malagrino: Art & Design
Jennifer Montgomery: Art & Design
Jennifer Reeder: Art & Design
Virginia Wright Wexman (MOVI Chair): English

For more information, please contact Professor Virginia Wright Wexman

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