Second-Year Review

All PhD students will undergo a review in the second semester of their second year. The review will involve up to three steps, as follows.

First: At the end of each semester, a second-year review form will be directed to all faculty who have taught first- and second-year students in that term. In brief, it asks faculty to rate a student's potential for timely and successful progress to degree as excellent, satisfactory, marginal, or unsatisfactory. A rating less than satisfactory will require a brief (50-100 words) explanation.

Second: Once yearly, near the end of the second semester, the graduate committee will hold a meeting, open to the faculty at large, to discuss cases of students in their second year in which marginal or unsatisfactory ratings have been given. All faculty are invited, while faculty who have rated the students under discussion will be specifically requested to attend.

Third: In the rare instance that a student's unsatisfactory progress is felt to be potentially irredeemable, an ad hoc committee will be formed to discuss that student's future in the department. The committee will consist of the DGS, the Head, and any faculty who have taught or otherwise worked with the student.

The DGS will meet individually with all second-year students to discuss how their plans are shaping up for the rest of their career at UIC. Any useful material generated during the review process will be communicated to them verbally at that time. In cases where a special committee has been convened (see third step above), a written document detailing the conclusions of the committee will be provided to the student and will go in his or her file.

Relevant Form: Second-Year Review Form