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Curriculum Vitae

Romantic Literature

Mark Canuel's research and teaching interests focus primarily on the areas of British Romanticism and Critical Theory. He has recently taught undergraduate classes on Shakespeare, British Literature from 1700 to 1900, and British Romanticism. Graduate classes have been on subjects such as Romanticism and Liberal Politics, Aesthetics from Romanticism to Postmodernism, and Materialisms in Literary Theory. His research has focused on the literature, political philosophy, and aesthetics of the Romantic period. His first book, Religion, Toleration, and British Writing, is a study of the discourse of religious toleration from the French Revolution to the Catholic Emancipation and the Repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts. With chapters on works ranging from the Gothic novel and the political writing of Bentham to the "Inquisitorial dramas" of Russell and Byron, this book argues that writers of the period were less interested in merely advocating specific conservative or radical beliefs than in reconfiguring the relationship between beliefs and the secular organs of liberal government more generally. His second book, The Shadow of Death: Literature, Romanticism, and the Subject of Punishment, studies the relationship between debates about the death penalty and modern notions of political sovereignty.


The Shadow of Death: Literature, Romanticism, and the Subject of Punishment
Princeton University Press
Published: May 25, 2007
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Religion, Toleration, and British Writing, 1790-1830
Cambridge University Press
Published: October 21, 2002
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