Todd Destigter

601 South Morgan Street (MC 162)
University Hall, Suite 1902
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 312.413.1043
Fax: 312.413.1005
Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor
English education, ethnography, literacy

Todd DeStigter's principal scholarly interests are secondary English teacher education, urban literacies, the ways in which teaching and learning can promote democratic thought and action, and the social and political philosophy of John Dewey. Recently, Todd has taught courses in the methods of teaching English, the uses of literacy in a multicultural democracy, and the contributions of American pragmatism to progressive education. Most of his recent publications are based on the ethnographic research he conducts at a Chicago alternative high school for "at risk" students.

Reflections of a Citizen Teacher: Literacy, Democracy and the Forgotten Students of Addison High
National Council of Teachers of English
Published: January, 2001
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