Giving to the Writing Center is a way of supporting some extraordinary students – students who are transforming themselves and the lives of their families and communities by going to UIC. UIC ranks high among public and urban universities for its research, diversity, and goals to address the most significant societal issues at both the global and local level. But if rankings considered the effort students put into paying their own way for their education, or the deep appreciation they have for the value of their learning, UIC would rank at the top.

At the Writing Center, every day we have the privilege of seeing peer tutors helping other students become successful writers. These tutors represent what is best about UIC. They are not waiting until they graduate to give back – they are doing it now. They know how to listen, build confidence, offer respect, and successfully share what they have learned about writing. If you ever have an opportunity to visit UIC, please make it a point to stop in at the Writing Center, where we can guarantee that you will feel what can be most exciting about college: students engaging each other with new ideas, with the hope that their learning makes a difference in the world, and with the determination to make the most out of their education.

Support for students at the Writing Center can take many forms. If you have ever received help from a tutor in the past, a note of thanks that we can share with the tutors is wonderful way to show appreciation. You can also provide support by arranging to talk to some tutors over coffee about the role writing plays in your profession.

You may also contribute to the Writing Center’s general gift fund for projects conducted by the tutors, such as publications, outreach to local high schools, or writing events, such as the Writing Day symposium, which showcases student writing.

If you choose, you can support a single tutor in economic need. Your gift would make it possible for an excellent student to dedicate more time to helping other students and his or her own studies. We welcome you to choose a name for these type of scholarships – you can commemorate someone in your family or honor a cause.

The Writing Center is also available to be named for the donor of a larger gift. One of the most highly visible and busy units on campus, the Writing Center would be an ideal way to ensure that the impact of such a gift would be felt by a great number of students.

Please contact the director of the Writing Center, Dr. Vainis Aleksa , to find out more about giving.