Chemical Safety Topics

Topic Description
Battery Recycling Program Details about the UIC Battery Recycling Program
Benzene Policy Policy to protect employees from hazards associated with Benzene
Chemical/Biological Laboratory Decommission Policy Requirements that must be met when a chemical or biological laboratory is being relocated, shut down, or the Principle Investigator is leaving the campus permanently.
Chemical Hygiene Plan Manual All laboratories must have a Chemical Hygiene Plan. This manual outlines the UIC program and what each lab must do to comply.
Chemical Hygiene Plan: Part 3 Excel File Forms for Chemical Inventories, Training Records and Emergency Equipment locations.
Chemical Redistribution Rather than dispose of all used chemicals as waste, chemicals that are in good condition are recycled to UIC laboratories free of charge.
Chemical Resistance Chart This chart describes the chemical resistance of certain gloves.
Chemical Waste Disposal This is a guidance document regarding disposal of chemical waste at UIC.
Email notification form to use when shipping hazardous materials This allows you to use Chem-Tel emergency contact number on shipping forms.
Ergonomics Guidelines for safety and injury prevention around the office.
Hazardous Waste Manual This is a guidance document regarding disposal of all types of hazardous waste at UIC.
Nonhazardous Waste List of chemicals that can be disposed of in the normal trash.
MSDSs Material Safety Data Sheets can be found on-line using these web links.
On-Line Training Several mandatory on-line training programs are provided to laboratory workers.
Printable Labels GHS (Globally Harmonized System) chemical labels - fillable labels by hazard class for identifying and dating containers (2 sizes).
Spill Procedure Quick reference document for handling chemical and biological spills.
Web Links A collection of useful links to various sites including MSDSs