Laboratory Safety Documents

Guidelines to establish and maintain a safe laboratory environment
Laboratory Emergency Response
The lab safety training matrix identifies what training you need based on the activities you perform in your lab.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS)
A survey to be completed by each Principal Investigator to identify high risk chemicals in the laboratory. Please download as pdf document, save it locally on your computer, and then email the completed for to
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Templates
Lab ID Cards
Link to create a Lab ID Card and Instructions on how to create a Lab ID card.
Chemical Safety Fact Sheets
Easy to read fact sheets on topics such as handling of specific chemicals such as HF, Peroxides and Piranha solution.
Safety guidance documents for nanotechnology research.
Templates to print labels for various hazard classes of chemicals in storage as well as chemical cabinets and refrigerators.
General Lab Safety Fact Sheets
Easy to read fact sheets on topics such as fire safety and electrical safety in the laboratory.
Lab Safety Policies
This report should be completed by the Principal Investigator when an employee is injured
Procedures to obtain EHSO Compliance certification required by certain granting agencies such as DOD and DOE.
The industry standard for safe laboratory practices published by the National Research Council.
Links to websites to obtain safety information.
A Checklist to help identify safety issues in your lab.
A checklist of sustainability related items in the laboratory. Download the pdf and email the completed checklist to
A printable document to help determine how to properly dispose of wastes from your lab.