Summary of IDNS Dose Limits

In Illinois, the use of ionizing radiation sources is regulated by the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety. The following dose limits are taken from their regulations.

Annual Occupational Limits
Total Effective Dose Equivalent (TEDE)
Total Organ Dose Equivalent (TODE)
5,000 mrem

50,000 mrem
500 mrem

5,000 mrem
Lens of Eye (LDE) 15,000 mrem 1,500 mrem
Skin of Whole Body (SDE,WB) 50,000 mrem 5,000 mrem
Extremities (SDE,ME) 50,000 mrem 5,000 mrem
Other Applicable Limits
Dose to Embryo/Fetus (declared pregnancies) - 500 mrem
Members of the Public - 100 mrem
Unrestricted Areas - 2 mrem in any one hour.

Additional information regarding dose limits can be found in Chapter 11 of the UIC Radiation Safety Manual.