EaES 350

Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Instructor: Törnqvist
Components: lectures, labs,paper, field trip
Prerequisite: EaES 220 or consent of the instructor
Timing: spring semesters
Frequency: every year
Credits: 4 credit hours

This course provides a general introduction to sedimentary geology. The first part focuses on the description and classification of unconsolidated sediments and sedimentary rocks, including an outline of diagenesis. Subsequently the basic processes of sediment transport and deposition (including sedimentary structures) are summarized and further discussed in the context of the full range of sedimentary environments.


The second part of the course starts with the classical principles of stratigraphy, followed by an introduction to the more recent concepts in sequence stratigraphy, basin analysis, and sedimentologic/stratigraphic modeling. Finally a few case studies illustrate applied sedimentary geology.


Labs focus primarily on the description and interpretation of sediments and sedimentary rocks, and the processing and interpretation of typical sedimentologic and stratigraphic data (sedimentary logs, cross sections, seismic sections). Each student writes a short paper about a topic of choice; this includes an oral presentation.

Two short field trips concentrate on modern sedimentary processes (Indiana Dunes) and ancient sedimentary rocks (SW Wisconsin). The course uses the textbook "Sedimentology and Stratigraphy" (Nichols).