EaES 416

Organic Geochemistry

Instructor: Kenig
Components: lectures, paper
Prerequisite: Chem 114 (or Chem 130) and EaES 350 or consent of the instructor
Timing: fall semesters
Frequency: every year
Credits: 4 credit hours

This geochemistry course is intended for undergraduate majors, graduate students and professionals who are interested in organic matter in the geosphere. This includes students and professionals involved with fossil fuel industry, pollution remediation, and paleoenvironmental reconstruction.

This course concentrates on organic carbon geochemistry and its use to solve problems of geological and environmental relevance. The subjects treated include organic carbon in space, the global carbon cycle, chemical composition of biogenic matter, sedimentology of organic matter, organic matter diagenesis, molecular fossils, geopolymers, generation and composition of fossil fuels, environmental organic geochemistry, and carbon stable isotope geochemistry. A complete syllabus of this course is available.