EaES 424

Crystal Chemistry of Rock-Forming Minerals

Instructor: Guggenheim
Components: lectures, labs, homework problems
Prerequisite: consent of the instructor (students from other departments should have a course introducing concepts in symmetry to obtain consent of the instructor)
Timing: spring semester
Frequency: alternate years (with EaES 4224 )
Credits: 4 credit hours

This course covers X-ray diffraction theory and methods starting with the basics of symmetry, X-ray generation, and the common powder diffraction techniques followed by single-crystal methods. The powder techniques are used for sample identification and the obtainment of accurate unit cell parameters. Single crystal techniques are useful to obtain unit cell information and symmetry of an unknown material. The last 25% of the course examines ways in which the atomic coordinates of an unknown structure may be obtained, the use of synchrotron radiation, and the Rietveld powder technique.

Laboratories emphasize powder diffraction techniques. Laboratory examples include sample preparation, sample identification, quantitative analysis of certain mixtures, and the use of computers to obtain and process data. A complete syllabus of this course is available.