EaES 444


Instructor: Stein
Components: lectures, homework, term paper
Prerequisite: EaES 440 , Math 181, and either Phys 102 or 142, or consent of the instructor
Timing: fall semesters
Frequency: alternate years
Credits: 4 credit hours

This course is an introduction to basic principles of geophysics, as applicable to solid earth, explorational, and environmental problems. Topics covered include general earth properties (size, mass, and moment of inertia), seismology (wave equation, P, S, and surface waves, seismic reflection and refraction), gravity (gravity anomalies, rheology, flexure, geodesy, and geoid), magnetics (dipole field, paleomagnetics, and seafloor spreading), electrical, geophysical well logging, radioactivity and geochronology, and heat flow. In addition, a written term paper with an oral presentation is required. The current textbook for this class is "The Solid Earth" (Fowler).