Aquatic Sciences Laboratory

The Aquatic Sciences Laboratory of Peter Doran is extensively equipped to carry out field work (mostly in polar regions), and to process water and sediment samples on their return.

Equipment includes gas line for cryogenic separation, Malvern particle size analyser, freeze-drier, microscopes, drying ovens, muffle furnaces, a pH meter, a CTD meter, balances, and dessicators. The laboratory is well-equipped for hydrological and micrometeorologic field analysis, including multiple data loggers and sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, rainfall, snowfall, and wind speed. Field equipment for profiling lakes and an electronic TOPCON total station survey instrument are also available.

Furthermore, a Cold Storage and Experimentation Facility (CoSEF) is available to work on and store samples in separate walk-in facilities at +4 C (900 cu ft) and -20 C (600 cu ft). Equipment for use in the walk-in freezer includes a stainless steel band saw for clean cutting of ice, industrial ice crusher and diamond blade table saw for cutting frozen sediment. A chest freezer is available for storing samples at -80 C (60 cu ft).

Both freezer units are alarmed to dial 3 telephone numbers should either power fail or the temperature go out-of-range for some other reason.