Environmental Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory






The Environmental Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory (EIGL), established by Neil Sturchio, includes three gas-source isotope-ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS) for high-precision stable isotope ratio measurements of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and chlorine, along with all of the apparatus required for preparation of solid, liquid, and vapor samples for isotopic analysis. Two of the IRMS instruments are Thermo-Finnigan Delta Plus XL units, and the third is a modified VG Prism Series II. One of the Delta Plus instruments is interfaced with a Gas-Bench, a TC-EA, and a Carlo-Erba EA. The other is interfaced with a gas chromatograph-combustion/pyrolysis interface for compound-specific isotopic analysis of C and H in volatile and semivolatile organic compounds. Also included in the EIGL are six Canberra alpha spectrometers and two high-purity Ge gamma spectrometers for measurement of the U and Th decay series as well as cosmogenic and anthropogenic radionuclides. A special gas separation system for purification of krypton from large-volume samples for laser atom-trap analysis of radiokrypton isotopes, along with a SRS-200 quadrupole mass spectrometer for bulk gas analysis (including noble gases), is the latest addition to the EIGL.