Organic Geochemistry Laboratory

Total lipid extract of microbial assemblages of from the Taylor Valley, Antarctica

Total lipid extract of microbial assemblages of from Taylor Valley, Antarctica

The Organic Geochemistry Laboratory (OGL) was established by Fabien Kenig to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic matter in earth material to solve questions of geological and environmental relevance. The OGL is equipped to isolate, quantify, and identify organic matter and organic molecules from modern and ancient sediments as well as fossil fuel (coal and petroleum).

Laboratory equipment includes a gas chromatograph (Hewlett-Packard 5890 series 2, FID with on-column and split/splitless injectors with EPC), a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS; Hewlett-Packard 6890-HP5973 MSD/DS-Dif. with EPC), a UV spectrophotometer (Beckman DU-7), a CHONS elemental analyser (Carlo Erba, purchased with Hormoz Bassirirad, Biological Sciences). Other equipment includes a freeze drier and an ultrasonic extractor. The OGL currently uses 3 IBM compatible personal computers, 1 HP Kayak workstation, 1 HP vectra workstation, 2 Macintosh computers and 3 laser printers. The Kayak workstation contains the Wiley 6th edition, 275K spectra and the Geochemical and Petrochemical compounds library 2nd ed., 1.1K spectra. During the last two years the OGL constructed a library of all mass spectra of biomarkers published in geochemical journals. This library includes more than 2000 spectra of organic molecules of biogeochemical interest.